Sunday, February 28, 2016

What a great week!!!!

                                                                                                           Written Feb 16, 2016    

This week was honestly so good. On Christmas day we shared a lesson with an ex missionary who did really good on his mission and has been faithful ever since, he teaches classes really well on Sunday and I really liked it. so when we taught them a lesson after I asked what he thinks I should do to be better and he told me just don’t change when it comes to teaching be yourself and teach the way you should. The craziest thing is that that changed everything. In place of changing I'm just myself. The Spirit testifies of what I say. I’ve never felt the Spirit so much in my life. It’s like I just get a feeling to start talking to someone and then they invite us to come teach them. And when we teach they feel comfy to let us teach them and then when they feel the Spirit they accept it!

A quick example...

We had a family come into our ward, they found us in the street and they passed us their address, we went over and they said that their dad isn’t a member and that he is heavy in drugs and needs a change and that they know the gospel could help him. We started to talk to him and found that he has been sad ever since his Mom died and we talked about how the gospel could help and really just focused on him in place of teaching the lessons and he accepted us and we had an activity that he went to and then came to church on Sunday and told me that he wants to be baptized. We are really excited for him.

All in all it was a good week even though I’m soo tired I wanna die it’s so worth it.
This week one of my old young men’s leaders asked me to write a letter to the young men to get them hyped about the mission and I did that today and thought I would share it with all of you who are preparing for the mish...

I’ll tell you what the mission is the hardest thing that I’ve ever done. Learning Spanish was so hard, being in a place where the people don’t speak the same language as you and you can’t express yourself the way you want to even though everything is trying to burst out of you and you can feel what you need to say but you just don’t know what to do. I’ve never had more stress in my entire life. Some days I just wanted to scream. And then on top of that sometimes your comps don’t want to be obedient. It’s been a rough ride....

But after time... 

I learned something. Ok, a lot of things. I learned that if you work on something you get better. My Spanish now is really good. Now, when I want to say something that I feel like it’s going to burst out of me the words come. Those words that the Lord wants you to say that shoot the Spirit and it fills the room, there’s not a feeling like it. And when you know someone for one day and they tell you before you even invite that they want to be part of the church and want to be baptized it’s an amazing feeling that is indescribable. It’s more than a simple happiness that the world gives us from winning a state championship or going on a date with the girl of your dreams. The happiness that feels real and it lasts. I love seeing people change, when you see people who are really poor and don’t have any hope in their lives and don’t know how to progress and they drink their pain away and then your leaded to them and change their lives and do everything to progress, it’s something different. I can’t even explain it. It’s something that explains in Alma chap 26.

With all this I’ve also been able to learn how to work and be diligent because if we are not diligent in everything that we do WE WILL NEVER BE THE BEST. In whatever we do. We have to keep working at it till it’s done. That’s how we can be the best as missionaries (studying the scriptures, being exactly obedient, and working on our faith every single day of our lives)

Be obedient!!! EXACTLY OBEDIENT!!! I am only going to say this much there are blessings... it’s said if you want your dream girl... BE OBEDIENT AND THE LORD WILL MAKE HAPPEN WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

And something more I’ve learn how to work. People have told me that their missions have helped them every single day of their lives. I see it now. I really didn’t believe it but after being here a while I can see the changes in myself. I’ve never had better experiences that make me see why the Lord commanded us to come out here. Not only to find, teach and baptize but also to learn. I’ve learned that the mission isn’t necessarily for the people we teach but it’s for us.

20% find, teach and baptize
80% learn and apply

On a life scale I can see how I’ve changed for the better and learned about the atonement that Jesus has done for us. It’s crazy and something that if we learn it and help others learn it we will never want to sin again. Sometimes we fall into the trap of sin and don’t know how to leave but when we really think deep on it The Lord has given us the tools to leave from any type of hard things and when we are in the work, he will bless us and help us and when we recognize him in prayer he listens to.

Abinandi (in Mosiah idk how to spell his name in English I think it’s like that) he gave his life for the work. Something that I don’t know if I would be able to do it. But his validation didn’t come from a big name brand or other people who are popular or a nice car, but his validation came from God and that’s the kind of validation that counts. We can give our everything here on earth and we will see the blessings there in heaven even though the things of this world are super cool. I promise the things of the next world are even better than being popular, having money, and having girlfriends. 
I promise that if you serve a mish you will see the fruits of your labors later in your life. You will not regret it and will always stay on the path. You will not get lost if you dedicate these two years and then the rest of your life to the Lord. I love you all. I miss you guys but I know I’m in the right place. You will find happiness in the work of the Lord. I only have 9 months left and I wish I could just start over again to be able to get everything done. The Lord has a place for each one of you and expects you to get out here. Put everything in order and take action as fast as you can because that’s what your Father in heaven wants for you.


Have a good one!!

Elder TJ Anderberg

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