Sunday, April 10, 2016


                                                                                                April 4, 2016

Oh my goodness, this week went by so fast. we totally are working three areas trying to get them to go to a conference that we are going to have in the next week and we’ve been planning for like a month and the Pres of the mission is going to come and were going to see what’s going to happen with these areas that we have been working in. But we have to get everyone there and try to help them understand why it’s important and then find the bus to take them and take out the money that we need to and make sure that everyone is going to go. It’s so much we have to do and then we still have to do mission work! but it’s cool. We still kick butt over here.

So a cool experience. This week I was looking for a better way to talk to people. so we were in a taxi and we got a bald taxi driver.... So I told him "wanna know something really cool about the resurrection?" and he said "tell me something really cool about the resurrection" and I said "well we will all have hair..." and waited and then I thought he was going to get mad because he paused and then busted out laughing hahahha He rejected us to visit him so I know now what not to do.... hehehehe

So this week was great and next week will be even better!!! I hope everyone had a great conference and learned something!!! 

I love you all!!!!

Elder Anderberg

one week splits

                                                                                                  Written March 21, 2016

This week my comp was training another Missionary to be the Branch Pres so I went and I took his place for a week. this area was so cool. honestly I feel in love with the people there and the members. I guess I do that with every place I go but this area wasn’t so big so it was a little bit easier. I was pumped to be there.

totally licked a dinosaur bone.... not many people can say they did that! my tongue totally got stuck! IT GOT STUCK! AND I DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY!!! BUT I DONT EVEN CARE BECAUSE I LICKED A DINOSAUR BONE! 

anyways I also got attacked by a cat but then I played with it. and we did some service and my comp for the week was way funny, it was a cool week and way fun. I learned a little more on the guitar.

oh my gosh my comp walks so fast! I was sweating just to get here with him! it’s better to just jog all day! I’ll tell you all one thing. I’m gonna lose weight this month. because he also wants to eat healthy. ugh... it’s cool though. maybe I won’t be so freaking hungry all the time and I’ll be able to learn how to control it or at least but things in the stores that are healthy.

anyways I’m doing really good. it will be a fun little rest of the time here. I love you all!!!! 

Elder Anderberg


                                                                                          Written March 14, 2016

ok well the big news is that my comps got transferred and my new comp is named Elder Raya. he’s really cool and plays the guitar! he said he’s pumped to teach me! he also knows a lot about the mission and will be able to help me progress a lot! I’m really excited

this week we split up and I went with a member who was an ex missionary. he was really cool and helped me find a different way to teach and we helped a guy who has a bunch of weed in his back yard that he wanted to show us. he is reading the book of Mormon and said he is going to come to church the next week. this week we will put a baptismal date with him for April. I’m excited to be able to help him. 

also the services were awesome again in Yahualica. we got to gives talks again because........... well.... I forgot to assign oops hahah but I gave a talk about trusting in the Lord and that repelling is related to trusting in the Lord that the person beneath you will stop you if you fall. we trust in the Lord that he tied the rope right at the top and if we start to fall for a mistake that we do then the person below like Jesus Christ will help us stop, regain balance and keep going until we meet the goal. I knew the Lord would give me something to talk about. I have just been praying lately and he has been putting things in my mind to talk about even if I have something prepared it changes. it’s been so sweet and I love being in this area.

 anyways I love you all I hope that everything is going good!!! 

Elder Anderberg


                                                                                                   Written March 7, 2016

Well this week was kind of a bummer as my comp got real sick and he couldn’t work or even leave the house because they said it was really contagious (don’t judge me for not knowing how to spell that word... I didn’t even know when I could speak English fluently) so I didn’t get sick and my comps either but we just had to sit in the house and ya know how I was complaining about how I was just so tired it totally got rejuvenated! woo! 

then in the weekend we had to stay up late so I’m tired again.

anyways on Saturday we held mutual and it went all good we made pie and it was fun.

and then on Sunday we had services and we had an attendance of 7 and everyone got up to bear their testimonies it was so cool and one of them was an investigator! sooo cool! the spirit was so strong. I love this area so much.

then we went with a family and taught them how to teach the less actives and try to help them open up about the things that are hard in their life so we can help them!

it was a very fast week so not a lot to say...

haha I love you all!!! 

Elder Andy

The way the spirit guides

                                                                                      Written February 29, 2016

This week was so good! I had a great time in the work of the Lord this week! I’m still tired but I guess that’s just part of the deal! It was a great week.

So I will tell you why. We went to a little town this week that is really famous for their cheap clothes called Zapotlanejo and so we went and visited a couple of people and someone had sent a reference
and we finally had time to go visit them! we were searching for no joke 2 hours walking up and down streets and asking people for directions. Finally we were so close and asked an old man that looked like john Wayne where the street was and he said right there... It was a like hidden and he asked who are you looking for and we told him luz flor and he said she died last week...

I was like oh my goodness... and sadly started to walk away.

My comp said lets go anyways see if we can help the fam feel better and so we went and there was nobody home, a couple of trucks pulled up full of people and one of my comps asked how they were doing and they

said bad and sad... that they had just buried there mom and they were very heart felt for that reason.

We shared a little message with them about the plan of salvation and they were so happy to receive us.There were so many people there and they all said that we could come back to visit them and I said sweet

and I offered a prayer and we had to go because the bus was going to leave. And they all said thanks and some had tears in their eyes...

Can you imagine if we had just found the house in 5 mins? We wouldn’t have found them...

gtg but I love you all!!!!

Elder Andy