Sunday, April 10, 2016


                                                                                          Written March 14, 2016

ok well the big news is that my comps got transferred and my new comp is named Elder Raya. he’s really cool and plays the guitar! he said he’s pumped to teach me! he also knows a lot about the mission and will be able to help me progress a lot! I’m really excited

this week we split up and I went with a member who was an ex missionary. he was really cool and helped me find a different way to teach and we helped a guy who has a bunch of weed in his back yard that he wanted to show us. he is reading the book of Mormon and said he is going to come to church the next week. this week we will put a baptismal date with him for April. I’m excited to be able to help him. 

also the services were awesome again in Yahualica. we got to gives talks again because........... well.... I forgot to assign oops hahah but I gave a talk about trusting in the Lord and that repelling is related to trusting in the Lord that the person beneath you will stop you if you fall. we trust in the Lord that he tied the rope right at the top and if we start to fall for a mistake that we do then the person below like Jesus Christ will help us stop, regain balance and keep going until we meet the goal. I knew the Lord would give me something to talk about. I have just been praying lately and he has been putting things in my mind to talk about even if I have something prepared it changes. it’s been so sweet and I love being in this area.

 anyways I love you all I hope that everything is going good!!! 

Elder Anderberg

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