Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mothers Day!!

Written May 16, 2016

 we had the mother’s day late! we bought them roses and made them food and then a member bought a really expensive small cake and gave it to the moms (and us for organizing everything but don’t tell!) 

Then we made two teams  

would have been nice if they all had husbands to have it be a competition between the two but since they don’t we and the young kids and like one dad had to be on one team and the moms on the other! 

we gave the moms huge advantages like we bobbed for apples and the moms had the stems and the dads team no

or we had to move coco puffs from one cup to another and it was way close for the moms and the dads team it was super far away. and then we did the thing that you have to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth and the moms three of them did it (I helped a mom by pushing one in her mouth hahahaha) and for the dads team the cookies ran out so we had to use chips and that was way hard, only one did it and the moms won. 

so the prize was..................

Great week

Written May 9, 2016

Well the high lights of this week.

1 talked to mom and the fam!

2 Dad was there!

3 it rained! Woo!

4 I played in the rain!

5 I’m a happy camper! I have to explain why.......

well the other day we were walking and went to go see some less active members and she said her husband was at work so we couldn’t enter and we were leaving and a girl came up to us crying and asking for us to help her with a message and to teach her that nobody understands her and she was just super excited to hear the gospel and super prepared in her heart. it was a great lesson and even though she didn’t go to church we are going to help her get there next week and she will be something to help the church in this little branch.

I taught the seminary class on dispensations and I know a lot more then I thought and they all understood and so it was a great class!

we had someone give a talk and his message was super good but it was him scolding everyone who didn’t want to repent and the ones who wasn’t living the gospel.

and one reason not to be happy.

there was a member that we went and did visits with on Tuesday and he had to use the bathroom and didn’t say anything until we left and then he didn’t think he was going to make it so he ran into our house and went to the pot. nothing came out, he came out and the pain was so bad that he started sweating and then we gave him a blessing and then he passed out, we called the ambulance and the came and got him and then everything went well from there. he was there on Sunday and gave a powerful testimony of how the blessing helped him forget about the pain.... hehe or pass out but either way he didn’t feel it anymore until he woke up when the ambulance got there. it was a scare but I had to drive his car to put it in the garage because nobody new how to drive stick so that’s cool usually we don’t drive here haha

well that was my week! I would love to hear about yours!!!

Love yall!!!

Elder Anderberg!

"Wickedness never was happiness"

Written May 2, 2016

So some guy talked to us the other day and asked us to help him stop drinking and so we taught him a lil bit we got him to dump out his beer he did and said he was going to go to the house of prayer and then we left. He didn’t go but this morning we left our house and he was down the street and I waved to him and he told us to come over, so we went over and he told us he had still been drinking and he wants to stop. we told him ok. and then he told us that he thought he was going to die. that he was so scared and didn’t know what to do because he can’t stop drinking. he almost started crying and then he told us that his heart felt like little needles poking it and we walk him to his house and called the ambulance. I was up the street asking a member to call and my comp was with him, I was watching and he started having a seizure. so I ran over there and we took him out of the chair and put him on the ground and put him on his side. we held his hand and were with him while his family didn’t even care about what was going on. he stopped and then was in shock for a min and then we helped him up and put him in the chair and the ambulance got there. kind of a weird experience. I guess we did something right? I mean he didn’t die. so that’s good. maybe he will stop drinking. #missionlyfe

 we I’m learning a big lesson. it’s been kinda cool these last couple of weeks. I’ve been learning that the desires to have tons of money and cars and houses really isn’t the way to happiness. I learned it a long time ago but it hasn’t really sunk in because I kept thinking about how I wanted to be super rich when I get home but that’s not what life is about. if you look at the examples in the book of Mormon, the people who were righteous were the ones who prospered, with money and food and everything they needed and more. but what I’ve learned is even money can’t satisfy the happiness that the gospel brings when you live it. a lot of people think that the people who live the gospel and are happy are just in a fantasy land but it’s true. if we trust the Lord literally everything will come. we are going to have to work to get better but we can focus on the gospel and make sure we are living it and then the other things, our life will be better. WE WILL BE HAPPY!!! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. THE OTHER HAPPINESS IS FAKE! ITS NOT REAL!!!! the only true way to have a happy eternal family is live the gospel the best we can. and try and be perfect. THERFORE "Wickedness never was happiness" Alma 41:10

 I love you all!!! I miss yall but I get to talk to Mom next week!!! woo!!!

Elder Anderberg

Hey Yall!!!

Written April 25, 2016

well this week was so dope.

we started to joke around about awkward people and now we are super awkward with the missionaries just to be funny haha  everyone thinks were retarded but it’s so funny to us haha

I’m sure the last thing I said didn’t make any sense to you guys but what eves

umm... on Saturday we had an activity with the young men and young women, we made pizza and they watched a movie. it was awesome, everyone enjoyed themselves. including us because we got to eat more than usual and didn’t have to be walking a lot haha

we had a lesson with an investigator who was Christian but he stopped going to church and now him and his wife are having problems because he doesn’t want to give up the things of the world. so we have been talking to him and he is slowly but surely changing. they invited us to eat with them on Friday and didn’t make it to church but I’m sure they will make it soon. 

another guy who we visited who really just likes to talk and he said that he loves when we go over because he can only be sincere with us. and that makes him happy. and he told us he’s confused because he doesn’t think God has a plan for him. what a gimme haha he’s really cool

anyways that’s my whole week in short words but I love you all!!!

Elder Anderberg

Temple Week!

                                                                              Written April 18, 2016

The best week of the whole transfer is helping people get prepared for the temple. in the interviews we learn a lot about the members. it’s a great opportunity to get to know how they really are and not just how they want to show they are. I don’t give the interviews but to focus on their needs my comps helps me understand them even more. we’ve found the biggest needs of the branch through them and now we are progressing.

 the biggest need is love. something that I think we all need a little bit more of. it’s an amazing opportunity to be here and know the needs and how we can apply them. we are trying to do everything to help the people here and I’m sure it will work out this time. I’ve learned not to judge and that that’s a big part of love. we don’t know what others are going through or why they do things/make decisions they do. but us judging them is only going to make things worse and not help them. WE CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE! ITS A CHOICE. BE THE DIFFERENCE IN SOMEBODIES LIFE TODAY!

so anyways we had the best attendance at the temple this week since I’ve been here. and I had the amazing opportunity to be the guide of a brother here. he was endowed with power from on high. it was awesome it was in English because he speaks better in English. what a great opportunity. I have so much more love for that brother. he’s awesome.

I love being here. it makes it easier having a cool comp he said that because we are always making funny jokes that we should make a missionary video and it would be so funny. we have invented so many and it’s so funny that I feel like I’m going to die.

anyways I love you all!!! have a great week!!!! 

Elder Anderberg

Conference Week!

                                                                                         Written April 11, 2016

Your all going to say that conference week was last week but it was actually this week for the branch because we had a branch conference!!!

We doubled the attendance that we usually have!!! it was awesome the spirit was so strong I was crying like a baby. first we had some members give their testimony’s. 

Then my comp gave a talk about faith and then we sang as a choir the song when there’s love (primary song) and then the Pres. of the mission gave a talk. It went so good and I think everyone left edified. We were so excited about it also. and then we paid for some members to make food for the whole branch because there were members from out of town and they were going to have a long ride home but we had them make it for everyone so it went great.

Also we had a zone meeting and we did skits about how missionaries shouldn’t act and then we talked about how they should act and it was way funny but the conference was way good. They told me to be an actor when I get home.

Well I gotta go but I love you all!! have a great week!!!

Elder Anderberg

PS thanks all yall for the bday wishes