Sunday, June 19, 2016

Great week

Written May 9, 2016

Well the high lights of this week.

1 talked to mom and the fam!

2 Dad was there!

3 it rained! Woo!

4 I played in the rain!

5 I’m a happy camper! I have to explain why.......

well the other day we were walking and went to go see some less active members and she said her husband was at work so we couldn’t enter and we were leaving and a girl came up to us crying and asking for us to help her with a message and to teach her that nobody understands her and she was just super excited to hear the gospel and super prepared in her heart. it was a great lesson and even though she didn’t go to church we are going to help her get there next week and she will be something to help the church in this little branch.

I taught the seminary class on dispensations and I know a lot more then I thought and they all understood and so it was a great class!

we had someone give a talk and his message was super good but it was him scolding everyone who didn’t want to repent and the ones who wasn’t living the gospel.

and one reason not to be happy.

there was a member that we went and did visits with on Tuesday and he had to use the bathroom and didn’t say anything until we left and then he didn’t think he was going to make it so he ran into our house and went to the pot. nothing came out, he came out and the pain was so bad that he started sweating and then we gave him a blessing and then he passed out, we called the ambulance and the came and got him and then everything went well from there. he was there on Sunday and gave a powerful testimony of how the blessing helped him forget about the pain.... hehe or pass out but either way he didn’t feel it anymore until he woke up when the ambulance got there. it was a scare but I had to drive his car to put it in the garage because nobody new how to drive stick so that’s cool usually we don’t drive here haha

well that was my week! I would love to hear about yours!!!

Love yall!!!

Elder Anderberg!

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