Sunday, June 19, 2016

"Wickedness never was happiness"

Written May 2, 2016

So some guy talked to us the other day and asked us to help him stop drinking and so we taught him a lil bit we got him to dump out his beer he did and said he was going to go to the house of prayer and then we left. He didn’t go but this morning we left our house and he was down the street and I waved to him and he told us to come over, so we went over and he told us he had still been drinking and he wants to stop. we told him ok. and then he told us that he thought he was going to die. that he was so scared and didn’t know what to do because he can’t stop drinking. he almost started crying and then he told us that his heart felt like little needles poking it and we walk him to his house and called the ambulance. I was up the street asking a member to call and my comp was with him, I was watching and he started having a seizure. so I ran over there and we took him out of the chair and put him on the ground and put him on his side. we held his hand and were with him while his family didn’t even care about what was going on. he stopped and then was in shock for a min and then we helped him up and put him in the chair and the ambulance got there. kind of a weird experience. I guess we did something right? I mean he didn’t die. so that’s good. maybe he will stop drinking. #missionlyfe

 we I’m learning a big lesson. it’s been kinda cool these last couple of weeks. I’ve been learning that the desires to have tons of money and cars and houses really isn’t the way to happiness. I learned it a long time ago but it hasn’t really sunk in because I kept thinking about how I wanted to be super rich when I get home but that’s not what life is about. if you look at the examples in the book of Mormon, the people who were righteous were the ones who prospered, with money and food and everything they needed and more. but what I’ve learned is even money can’t satisfy the happiness that the gospel brings when you live it. a lot of people think that the people who live the gospel and are happy are just in a fantasy land but it’s true. if we trust the Lord literally everything will come. we are going to have to work to get better but we can focus on the gospel and make sure we are living it and then the other things, our life will be better. WE WILL BE HAPPY!!! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. THE OTHER HAPPINESS IS FAKE! ITS NOT REAL!!!! the only true way to have a happy eternal family is live the gospel the best we can. and try and be perfect. THERFORE "Wickedness never was happiness" Alma 41:10

 I love you all!!! I miss yall but I get to talk to Mom next week!!! woo!!!

Elder Anderberg

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