Sunday, June 19, 2016

Conference Week!

                                                                                         Written April 11, 2016

Your all going to say that conference week was last week but it was actually this week for the branch because we had a branch conference!!!

We doubled the attendance that we usually have!!! it was awesome the spirit was so strong I was crying like a baby. first we had some members give their testimony’s. 

Then my comp gave a talk about faith and then we sang as a choir the song when there’s love (primary song) and then the Pres. of the mission gave a talk. It went so good and I think everyone left edified. We were so excited about it also. and then we paid for some members to make food for the whole branch because there were members from out of town and they were going to have a long ride home but we had them make it for everyone so it went great.

Also we had a zone meeting and we did skits about how missionaries shouldn’t act and then we talked about how they should act and it was way funny but the conference was way good. They told me to be an actor when I get home.

Well I gotta go but I love you all!! have a great week!!!

Elder Anderberg

PS thanks all yall for the bday wishes

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