Monday, November 14, 2016

Last one...............

oh, my goodness!!! I never thought I would be writing this letter. it’s the last one, been a long two years, but it went by so very fast. I can’t believe it. I have a million mixed feelings. sad because I am not going to be preaching and helping all the Mexicans here. it’s been sooo fun and helping people feel the joy that the gospel brings to the people who have never even heard anything about it. it’s one of the best things ever to see a drug addict stop drugs for the Lord and knowing that you had a hand in that is a feeling that nobody can describe. or helping a family change completely and making plans to get sealed in the temple. I love the mission so much. it is those best two years that everyone always talks about. I am sad on that side of things.

I’m also happy that I’m going to be able to see my family this next week! and everyone else!! I don’t know how ready I am but it’s time to start the real life. I think the mission prepared me a ton. I still have a lot to learn but the things I’ve learned here have changed me and I’m very excited to put in practice the things that I’ve learned. what a great opportunity be in the Lords work for two years. 

thanks, all of you, for reading my letters throughout these two years even though it feels like it went by so fast. I love you all!! 

everyone who is waiting for me in the airport just know that I’m going to hug My mother first, nobody get in the way haha

you’re all invited to my homecoming on the 27th!!!

everyone who wants to we are going to sing yo se que vive mi 
SeƱor in the sacrament meeting. everyone who wants to is invited

love you all!!!

Elder Anderberg

2 Weeks!!

I’m not sure who even reads this anymore haha it’s been a while since I started this but I wanted to do a shout out for my mom and my dad!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was a good one. we had three baptisms. a family and they are completely changed since that last time we saw them. I love them so much. it’s an exciting thing to see them start to progress and their plan is to get sealed in the temple in one year. I’m excited to see them. there.}

it’s been a great ride and I only got a little bit more time but what an awesome time it is. we are finding a bunch of families chosen to receive the gospel. it’s so fun to be a part of this.

sad that its coming to an end but excited to see my you all soon.

well love yall! ttyl!!}

Elder Anderberg

3 weeks...............................

                                                                                        Written Oct 31, 2016

Wow. today we had a great week. we went to the mall with our convert and because he didn't have to go to work today and then we went to eat at a buffett and then we came back to write and even though we didn't do a lot it was a great day. I love you all and i'm sorry that I didn't write more but we are going to have a baptism next Sunday and on Monday I will send you all pics!! I love you all!!!

Elder Anderberg

Monday, October 24, 2016

Amazing things still happening!

Wow the Lord just blesses us so much and I don’t even know why!!!
this week we were looking for some families that are inactive for a couple years, we didn’t have a lot of success and it was sucky going to 20 houses and not finding many people my feet got bruised let alone the blisters haha but that’s so normal now, anyways so we were walking and a man called us from his van and said hey I have like 5 years inactive and I want to start going to church again. where’s the church at?? haha we were like wow. that’s so cool. he is so excited for us to visit him. we hope that he was being real when he said that. don’t think that his wife is a member and their address was not on the lists. still seeing miracle every day.
we have some investigators that promised to not ever work on Sundays again. and they are going to put The Lord first in all things. there baptismal date is the 13th of November their names are Francisco Isabel and Diegito. we had a lesson and my comp and I were on divisions so I was teaching because the brother was not very .......uhhh talkful? haha but the spirit was still strong. during the lesson, he told us that he felt the sprit in church on Sunday and that whenever we come he feels the same thing. it was such a great lesson. and then at the end he said that when I was promising them that The Lord will bless them for keeping the commandments that I started glowing... weird because I didn’t feel or see that I was glowing but that’s what he said, I hope it was The Lord testifying to him that his is all true. they will be baptized here soon and they are creating good relationships in the church.

What a great week and I’m learning a little bit more on the guitar because my comp play good.

I love you all!!!!

Elder Anderberg

Monday, October 17, 2016

Miracles every day.

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t see a miracle. it’s so fun to be in the mission. anything you need the Lord provides a way. we just put our trust in him and then everything comes through.

our convert is still going really good Jorge and also Imelda. they are both so great. we are actually going to have a family home evening with Jorge and another family from the ward today. it’s so awesome that the ward is helping us so much. there is no blessing greater than the members of the ward who come out and work with us and help us get the work going. it really is one of the greatest blessings.

also Jorges mom is helping us a lot also. she washes our clothes every week BY HAND. it leaves our clothing so white and clean!! 

I love you all! we are going to have another baptism on the 12 of November so we are helping a family prepare for that

love you all!!!1 

Elder Timothy Jay Anderberg

Monday, October 10, 2016

Hello Yall

Wow. been a while since I sent a nice long email with pics. I’m sorry it’s just that we’ve been super busy and sometimes we really don’t have time to even do the things we want to do on our p days but I’m excited because today I have a little bit of time.

so we had an investigator get married. her name is Imelda. she is so cool. like I said she is old and very sick. she probably won’t be alive for very much longer and she is knows that. but she told the Lord that she only wanted to make it to her baptism. so she got baptized and then confirm during conference weekend because she almost died the day before and so just to make sure she was confirmed in the service. that’s not normal because we usually have to wait until a sacrament meeting but because of the situation we got it done. she didn’t die. she’s actually looking healthier than she did when she got baptized a week ago.

Another investigator, his name is Jorge Rodriguez. we started teaching him and even the first week we taught him he accepted to be baptized. his first baptismal date was the 15th of October but because of amazing progress we moved it up one week to the 8th of October. he is an alcoholic and drug addict and smokes but he stopped it all cold turkey. it was hard and he fell a couple times but he is so strong right now. he cried after he fell and we told him that the Lord doesn’t care as long as he repents and keeps trying. he fell two weeks before his baptism and was convinced that he was not going to be able to get baptized and was fighting with his mom because she had told us that he drank and got drugged but we went and told him that if he would repent with all his heart and not do it again he could get baptized. he cried and even though before we went in there they had been fighting his mom as she heard that he could still get baptized started balling because she was so happy and he was also crying and he stood up and kissed his mom on the cheek and said sorry and said that he was going to work as hard as he could to not fall again. well he made it. he got baptized and all of his family was there. after he got baptized his mom stood up to bear her testimony. she had been a member of 12 years and nobody else in her family are members, she was inactive for the last 3 years and reactivated with her son going to church and said that all 12 years she prayed to let one of her children would make it there with her and be a member. she cried and testified with power that the church is true. after that Jorge got up and was crying. he also testified that the church was true and called us his angels. everyone was crying and the spirit was so strong. BEST BAPTISM ever.

anyways my comp got transferred but I’m gonna send some pics and a video. I have a new comp his name is Elder Soto. he’s one of my good friends and is going to teach me some hymns on the guitar. I’m excited. 

Just wanted to finish with my testimony. I know this work is of the Lord. I know that he needed me here. I love it. it’s the best place I could have ever been. The Lord has molded me and changed me a ton. I’m honestly a little scared to get home and in front the world but I feel prepared. I am so very grateful that the Lord called me to come on a mission and I am and will be eternally grateful. The Lord has so many things instore for everyone. search him and you will find yourself. I am striving to Love the Lord... I’m not quite there yet but hope to one day be there. I love you all especially for your support and especially my mom. I know this seems like a finish the mission testimony but I still got a little bit to go and I’m going to give it all I got. I love you all

Elder Anderberg

Monday, September 26, 2016

Good Week

We had to do exchanges with a couple of Elders this week because of things that happened and we got it all figured out and it was just a misunderstanding but it kinda sucked because we didn't get to visit a lot in our area..

But we do have an investigator that is going to get baptized this week. Her name is Imelda. She is like 75 years old but seriously has the soul of a 20 year old. She laughs with us and tells us jokes and it is so awesome. To tell who gives the prayer she makes her hand a pistol and shoots it. I have a video of our dance party hahah I will send it next week. I forgot my camera...

Everything is great here just not a lot of sleep because of stress and things to plan and do. But honestly it's going really good.  I love you all!

Elder Anderberg