Sunday, March 15, 2015

Three Months!

Tomorrow marks 3 months! Crazy huh?? Went by soo fast! I think I'm probably the first missionary to actually have 5 companions in my first 3 months!

Man I love this area! There are a ton of cool people we teach and everything is sweet here! We have to climb a mountain at least once a day! My legs are going to look like hulks by the time I leave this area! This place has so many strawberry farms. Every last one of our investegators works in the fresa farm! Fresa is strawberry, haha didn't mean to say that. It's hard to get people to church when everyone works in the strwberry farm on Sundays but I'm sure we will figure something here pretty soon!

So this week was another break through with Spanish! Last week I felt good because people could actually understand what I was saying with terrible grammer but this week during lessons I spoke perfect Spanish! Ya perfect! My companion after the lesson when we left started clapping! And then it happened like 10 more times this week! Everything is getting so much better now that I know more Spanish! I'm glad that my companiion and another missionary in our district speak English pretty fluently! So we speak in Spanish mostly but they can help me with words. Also I like to talk with a Spanish accent now because nobody thinks it's stupid they think it's normal! I think it's so funny but then I laugh and they ask why and I just say something really fast in English and they nod their head like they know what I said but they don't. haha The missionary in our district I told him he was sweet and he said am I a sweet cookie? And so I said you are a sweet cookie jelly bean so now he says that a lot haha. 

This week we taught a lesson to a man named Javier Mateo and he has had all the lessons and he promised to go to church yesterday but didn't go. So we went over after and when I was teaching I knew exactly what to say and the Spirt was so strong and he cried it was insane. He told us that he saw a change in his family since we started coming and he wants to change his life so we were trying to think of a lesson for him next time and obviously we need something good for hm so he knows he needs to actually do the things he promises to do. We prayed and prayed and I couldn't think of what we needed to teach him and then this morning it came clear to me like I should have already known that it was awesome!

So this week I also found out that my companion is a little bit femi and it's so funny! He knowss English pretty well and he knows a lot of songs in English by Britney Spears, Back Street Boys and Insinc, He also knows Adele and Miley Cyrus.m It's so funny to hear him sing, He also takes a lot of selfies so I tell him I think he is really cute and he gets really mad haha. But ya my comp is awesome! He is fun to be around and he encourages me so much! We did a practice and he threw out objections at me and I overcame them like a boss and after he told  me that I did it better then he would have and I felt so happy! But he is from Puebla Mexico and he speaks Spanish, English and Japanese. He loves soda but I decided to be off this transfer and he stopped to do it with me! I'm very happy about being with this companion!

Hope everything is going well and I'm super pumped that everyone wrote me last week! Thanks! I'm sorry I don't have much time to respond!!

Love everyone! ¡√©xito en todos!

Elder Anderberg

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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Oh my gosh yesterday was crazy! that's why I didn't get to write! Because I didn't get to my new home until 12!!

My new Area is about 3 hours from my other one. Our house compared to my other houses is like a penthouse suite! We don't even have a boiler! It's solar powered!! We have a roof and we're going to buy hammocks to sleep up there on the hot nights! Where i am gets really hot and so I'm going to lose a lot more weight!!! My new companion is awesome! His name is Elder Raya!  He likes to joke around but he also likes to work hard! He speaks a little bit of English but I made a rule that we are not aloud to speak English outside of the house! Oh and also I guess I'm in the strawberry capital of the World where most of America gets there strawberrys! And the members are amazing! I haven't actually met them yet but that's what I heard! Oh and we have an oven!!!!!! woo! 

This week I decided that I'm comfortable with my Spanish!! I can understand just about everyone in lessons! And a lot when not in lessons!! My goal is to not need any help by the end of March!!! I'm excited because we have like 5 new investigators today!! My new district is fun. It's full of comedians! woo!  Oh ya and my pants don't fit anymore and I had to cut my belt down! So that was a first! I can put my collar over my chin!! I've lost 40lbs! 

Well this week was a ton of planning and things because my comps were the zone leaders but I did a division with another kid who was training in his area but everything went really good! But when I was with him we walked past this family and I got the feeling to talk to them but I didn't and just kept walking then something said go talk to them, just run back and I didn't go then I got it again, so I went and talked to them and they taught them yesterday and accepted the date to be baptized and they said their are like the prefect family to teach!

I wish I could write about all my experiences but they don't give us enough time in here!! haha  

But being in a lesson when I can feel the Spirit and I just start talking not knowing what I'm going to say but then words just come to my mouth is my fav thing! I studied with a kid who was going home and it made me think about going home and I honestly don't want to go home.  I do love everyone but this place is awesome!!! I will never live without the Spirit in my life again! I'll tell you what, if you strive to have the Spirit in your life and not do anything to drive it away you will be happier then you ever have!  I only have 6 weeks in the mission but it seems like a lifetime and I would not trade that time for anything!! My Spanish is coming faster then I thought it would and it's awesome!! I hope everything is going good for everyone!!!

With so much Love!!!

Elder Anderberg

Oh I almost forgot! We almost died because there was a spider the size of my head trying to kill me. My comp screamed like a girl and I just screamed but it was scary! I've never been so scared in my life and then in our room it went under the bed and we couldn't find it! We almost slept out side when Elder Stirling went into the room with a hammer and found it a

nd smashed it!! What a real man.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

One Month Mark!

So the 19th marks one month in the actual field! It has been a crazy month full of learning mentally, phisically, and spiritually! If anyone ever said a mission was easy they lied with all there heart! haha But it definatly has been worth it.

Anyways, this week we ate some good food, I have not eaten anything wierd yet, except fish. But we went to a sisters house and she has a turtle and so i asked if i could hold it and she said of course! So I took a pic with it and then gave it to my comp and the turtle kicked him a little bit and HE DROPPED IT. HE DROPPED THE TURTTLE. The Hermana didn't see but nothing happend other then the turtle was freaking out and we just threw it back in the water. But it was so funny!

This week I had some cool experiences we will start with one. I have been pretty timid with talking to random people on the street because I hate when they say something that I don't know what it means and it gets all awkward. But this week we were knockin on a door and they didn't answer so my companions were talking on the door step and something told me to go talk to these people and so I did.  It was a small family and Icontacted them and they were nice and we got there info and everything and right after I contacted them someone in the family, whose door we were knocking on came out and we were able to make an appt with them of when would be a good time to see them and if I didn't talk to those people then we never would have got an appt so that was awesome! 

So since I'm with the zone leaders they have to do divisions a lot so this week Elder Sierra and I did divisions with Elder Norman which was the first Elder I did divisions with but anyways our other companion Elder Stirlings dad is the CEO of Doterra  with those funky cool oils and there's one that he has called Oregano (don't think I'm spelling it right but that's what it sounds like) and our companion said this is one oil you don't put in your mouth. So Elder Sierra and I knew that it was a bad idea and it burns your mouth and tastes discusting and so we were talking about oils and the wierd things they do and so I had an idea and proceeded to tell Elder Norman that there was an oil that helped you stay awake and actually helps your memory and he was or really?? We were like ya! He said I think I will just put it all over my crepes and we were like no it actually doesn't taste very good its better to just put four or five drops in your mouth. So he did it and we just started laughing and I fell out of my chair and then he started yelling and saying it burns and then ran to get water and if you know water actually makes it worse and we told him that after like 3 mins and so he just walked over to my desk and grabbed my toothpaste and ate the tooth paste. We were dying and we continued to ask how his memory was all day and he would get all worked up. Apparently the oil is actually for like athletes foot! HA! Who knew!

Also this week we were teaching an Investigador who is probably the most pesamistic person I have ever met. we were in the middle of teaching him about repentance and then he procceded to tell us that nobody in the World is happy and the happiness is when we have money and things and only people who had money were happy and even then they aren't always happy and I was like oh my gosh this dude is insane but I just said silently in my head,  Ha Lord this guy is all yours work through me to teach him what he needs to know. After that a scripture came into my head to read so I read that scripture on charity Moroni 7:43-48 if you wanted to know and I told him that that was what happiness was and he agreed to try and Love himself and others and have charity but when I started talking he stopped interupting like he was doing to my compaions and listened and then when we asked if he was going to church he said no and started giving us excuses and again I knew exactly what the Lord wanted me to say to him and I felt like how my mom is when she tells me that there will always be excuses. It was funny but he agreed to go to church and then he ended up not going and when we went over he told us that if we had charity we would buy his balloons so we left haha To bad but hopefully we can get him to start being more optimistic.  haha

Yesterday we got a text that the whole mission was going to have a meeting in the offices and so today we had to wake up at 5 to be at the offices on time. We got there not knowing what it was and then the President showed us Conozca a las mormones! (meet the mormons in spanish!)  It was such a nice surprise! That was fun and then after i had some coupons to Burger King from one of our investigadors so we went to town and it was so nice to have an american burger! And then we went to get "helado de agua" which means ice cream of water and oh my gosh I have never had ice cream as good as this! like woah. 

But during the movie i thought about my family a lot because it showed a kid leaving on his mission and they walked down the same place in the airport that we did! But if I have one thing to say is never take your family for Granted! The Lord gave us familys to get through the hard times! So use em! 
i heard a quote this week that i really liked but I don't know how to do quotation marks on this spanish key board anyways............. We serve the Lord for two years so he can serve us for eternity............. it was something like that it was in spanish haha but I think that if anybody is thinking about going on a mission to do it! It will bless you and your familys life immensely!  

Love you all! 

Elder Anderberg 

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