Sunday, July 24, 2016

Time goes by way way to fast

                                                                     Written July 18, 2016

Every six weeks we have a transfer. I was looking at it and I only have 3 transfers left in the mission. That’s 4 and a half months. It’s going by so fast. If anyone has the secret of how to slow down time can you please let me know.

We are so busy always. We do divisions with people and we still don’t have enough time to visit everyone and then they call us and we have to leave the area for two days and it’s driving me crazy haha but that’s probably why time goes by so fast. 

We are helping a couple of families get reactivated. They are so excited because they are all like a group now and have family home evening every week together with the Elders quorum Pres. and they are going every week and we just gave them another family that they have to also help get reactivated. Super exciting. They always invite us to eat dinner also one of them live really close and they give us pizza and tostadas and things. It’s super awesome. We are probs gaining wait but I’m not even mad haha

I love this area. I’m pretty sure ill only be here for another 6 weeks but we are trying to do all we can leave it better then we found it.

Anyways I love you all!!! I hope that everything is going good in your lives!

Elder Anderberg

only a little time for pics! love you all!!!

                                                                       Sent July 11, 2016

only a little time for pics! love you all!!!

Hey Yall

                                                                              Written July 4, 2016

So this week has been a great week. We have so much work here in this area and we have been finding ways to help the investigators and to get the members to start working with us! Is going great so far! We actually doubled our lessons this last week. So that was cool. 

 My companion is super spiritual and always tries to have the spirit. It helps so much because if we don’t have the spirit then we can’t teach. It’s a lot more fun to teach when you have the spirit.

So this week we were in a family home evening that some families have been getting together and doing. We talked about how a friend of the world is just there to support you but a real friend is there to not only support you but to help you progress in every aspect of your life. We have three investigators that are going to go tonight. It’s going to be so awesome.

We have this investigator who’s really funny. The one I was telling about last week from the US his name is Felix and he is so funny. He’s serious during the lessons but we had to walk from his house to the house of a member and he wanted to go. So we went and it was a funny walk and then we had a great lesson. He wants to get baptized but he wants to see one first. Good thing we are going to have one this week.

So Juan Manuel he is going to get baptized this week. He looked a little bit shocked when they announced it in sacrament meeting but when all the members were telling him congratz he got a little bit loosened up and felt better. So that was cool to see and then he came to us to make sure everything was all ready for his baptism. It’s going to be great.

My comp wanted to knock on the door of some people that honestly look a little bit crazy and like drug addicts but because he felt that we went back to that house and knocked the door. And the girl who answered is so excited and wants a change in her life. She wants to find out more and is going to invite her family to listen also! Way awesome

Well that’s all for this week but I love you all!!!

Elder Anderberg

A couple of crazy weeks

                                                                          Written June 27, 2016

What a great couple of weeks!  We have been working our butts off because everyone wants us to visit them and then we have to find time to find new people to teach and we have to teach the investigators that are close to baptism and then the ones who were being taught but still haven’t gone to church. It’s super fun here and my comp is learning so quickly

So two weeks ago. I went to a meeting on Monday and Tuesday we received our comps in Guadalajara and came to our area, got here at about 8:30 and unpacked a lil.  Got a little house which is awesome in a private neighborhood and there are guards that we pay 20 pesos a week. So you can be calm mom.

We have been going with the members and they give us some really, really tasty food. Here if I don’t eat healthy at home or do exercise I will get fat haha so I’m doin that. We just got done buying fruits and veggys and my backpack weighs like 40 lbs. haha 

So the week after that we went to the houses of a couple members and we taught them to say prayers in English and they were all really excited. We taught a couple investigators who have a while in teaching and they decided to set a date for baptism the 9th of July. Only one of those dates is still standing.

This week we had to go to Guadalajara and when we went we went in the most luxurious bus and sat in captains chairs and the tickets cost 580 pesos and that’s almost all I had hahaha so I just got money today. But on the way home President Egginton gave us a ride because they were passing through. Super cool to be with him for a couple hours.

We found a new investigator, his name is Tony and he’s 21 years old. We went with him and he said he didn’t believe in God. Then said that God is like an imaginary friend but when you talk to him and call him God people don’t judge you. So we had a lesson and when we told him about the first vision he said "Are you serious?" and then when he said the last prayer it was a great prayer and when he finished he said "whoa" and asked when we were gonna come again. He is reading the Book of Mormon it’s just hard for him to get up and go to church. But he is working on it. He accepted a baptismal date for the 30th of July but it fell because he didn’t go to church but when he starts going to church we will help him with another.

Anyways, it rains a lot at night but not as much during the day. It’s a great place to be in the mission field. I miss you all a lot but I’m having more fun over here haha. I love this place and honestly Mexicans are awesome, they have big hearts and are very respectful towards us. Except the guys who dumped beer on us last week... you should probably disregard that comment mom hehe

In my studies yesterday and today I read the talk "beware of pride!" by Ezra Taft Benson. Everyone should read it. It’s a super big eye opener. We are all super big sinnners in pride.

Love you all!!

Elder Anderberg

Oh goodness

                                                                      Written June 20, 2016  

Your gonna have to keeppppppppppppppppppp lovin me because we are super busy here.
We were on our way to write and we got a call from a sister to give a blessing to her daughter and so Elders to the rescue. Went well and now I, we, don’t have time to write. I’ll have to tell you about this week next week, but the work here is going really amazing!!! 

We are so busy! We don’t even have time for other people because with the ones we have we have to push it and run around everywhere haha sooo ya 

But I love you all! The Ward and My comp and I are getting along well!!

Elder Anderberg

What a week!!!!

                                                                     Written June 13, 2016

Wow this week was awesome!!! 

I have a new missionary and he’s awesome! his name is Elder Platero! he is a hard worker and already knows Spanish he is from California but he looks Mexican hahah he’s so excited to be here and want to do all he can to do the Lords work here.

Last this last week we had to work really hard because we didn’t know our area and they gave us a phone without minutes but they left us with teaching records so we were able to find some people who were being taught. They are really good and we also found some others but there was a lot of walking and asking people for help with directions. We both gave a talk on yesterday.  My comp on the sacrifices on going to the temple and mine on obedience. It was a great day and we were able to get to know lots of the members. and I saw some of the members from the ward I was in before.

We had cool experiences but I’ll have to tell them next week!!!

love you guys!!!

Elder Anderberg


                                                                            Written June 6, 2016

So the reason I don’t have time is because I got transferred! I’m going to an area that’s in Michoacán in Zamora and its really hot there. So we will see how it goes. I’m really excited I’m receiving a new elder tomorrow and are going to go to the area tomorrow I’m gonna love being there with him. He’s cool, I’ve met him because he’s the only elder that came this transfer. Super awesome. I’m excited

This week we gave a blessing to someone in a hospital and we got lucky because the guard was not there when we went in and so we just walked in and it was just family that was suppose to visit her but we didn’t know (haha oops) she had a bunch of complications with a surgery that she had and had a week of throwing up and being really week. The blessing was on Thursday and on Friday she was strong, stopped throwing up and went home.

Well I love you all and I’m sorry I couldn’t write a lot

Elder Anderberg

A great two weeks!

So sorry to all who have been reading, Mom's had a lot on her plate lately.  But updates are all in today.

                                                                                                    Written May 30, 2016

The last two weeks have been great! last week we went to Guadalajara to play sports with the Zone and then with the assistants! it was way fun even though I left super sun burned it was worth it! 

So two weeks ago we went to a leadership counsel meeting, it was way fun. I love being with the leaders of the mission because there’s such a great spirit of love. it was fun along with a great learning experience and its nice to get some help about how to help other missionarys get better.

I’ve been writing in my journal so that an update.

This week we had our last meeting with our district and some bought pizza for us and it was delisious. that was a fun district to be in.

We had the opportunity to be present in a Patriaricle Blessing of a brother who is in the branch. I wanted to share this because it was so cool.

We were sitting down and the patriarch started talking and I literally felt something run through my whole entire body. it was so cool. during the blessing I started crying and I didn’t know why! probably because I felt so good! it was one of the best experiences that vie had in the mission. I felt the spirit through out my whole entire body. it was so great.

We have some new goals.

1. Always be real or in other words never fall in a routine. be your self always

2. Never be selfish because that’s the only way bad things happen in your life.

Anyways I love you all!!! 

I hope you have a great week!!

Elder Anderberg

PS I still haven’t tasted mtn dew in 18 months haha