Sunday, March 15, 2015

Three Months!

Tomorrow marks 3 months! Crazy huh?? Went by soo fast! I think I'm probably the first missionary to actually have 5 companions in my first 3 months!

Man I love this area! There are a ton of cool people we teach and everything is sweet here! We have to climb a mountain at least once a day! My legs are going to look like hulks by the time I leave this area! This place has so many strawberry farms. Every last one of our investegators works in the fresa farm! Fresa is strawberry, haha didn't mean to say that. It's hard to get people to church when everyone works in the strwberry farm on Sundays but I'm sure we will figure something here pretty soon!

So this week was another break through with Spanish! Last week I felt good because people could actually understand what I was saying with terrible grammer but this week during lessons I spoke perfect Spanish! Ya perfect! My companion after the lesson when we left started clapping! And then it happened like 10 more times this week! Everything is getting so much better now that I know more Spanish! I'm glad that my companiion and another missionary in our district speak English pretty fluently! So we speak in Spanish mostly but they can help me with words. Also I like to talk with a Spanish accent now because nobody thinks it's stupid they think it's normal! I think it's so funny but then I laugh and they ask why and I just say something really fast in English and they nod their head like they know what I said but they don't. haha The missionary in our district I told him he was sweet and he said am I a sweet cookie? And so I said you are a sweet cookie jelly bean so now he says that a lot haha. 

This week we taught a lesson to a man named Javier Mateo and he has had all the lessons and he promised to go to church yesterday but didn't go. So we went over after and when I was teaching I knew exactly what to say and the Spirt was so strong and he cried it was insane. He told us that he saw a change in his family since we started coming and he wants to change his life so we were trying to think of a lesson for him next time and obviously we need something good for hm so he knows he needs to actually do the things he promises to do. We prayed and prayed and I couldn't think of what we needed to teach him and then this morning it came clear to me like I should have already known that it was awesome!

So this week I also found out that my companion is a little bit femi and it's so funny! He knowss English pretty well and he knows a lot of songs in English by Britney Spears, Back Street Boys and Insinc, He also knows Adele and Miley Cyrus.m It's so funny to hear him sing, He also takes a lot of selfies so I tell him I think he is really cute and he gets really mad haha. But ya my comp is awesome! He is fun to be around and he encourages me so much! We did a practice and he threw out objections at me and I overcame them like a boss and after he told  me that I did it better then he would have and I felt so happy! But he is from Puebla Mexico and he speaks Spanish, English and Japanese. He loves soda but I decided to be off this transfer and he stopped to do it with me! I'm very happy about being with this companion!

Hope everything is going well and I'm super pumped that everyone wrote me last week! Thanks! I'm sorry I don't have much time to respond!!

Love everyone! ¡√©xito en todos!

Elder Anderberg

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