Thursday, March 5, 2015


Oh my gosh yesterday was crazy! that's why I didn't get to write! Because I didn't get to my new home until 12!!

My new Area is about 3 hours from my other one. Our house compared to my other houses is like a penthouse suite! We don't even have a boiler! It's solar powered!! We have a roof and we're going to buy hammocks to sleep up there on the hot nights! Where i am gets really hot and so I'm going to lose a lot more weight!!! My new companion is awesome! His name is Elder Raya!  He likes to joke around but he also likes to work hard! He speaks a little bit of English but I made a rule that we are not aloud to speak English outside of the house! Oh and also I guess I'm in the strawberry capital of the World where most of America gets there strawberrys! And the members are amazing! I haven't actually met them yet but that's what I heard! Oh and we have an oven!!!!!! woo! 

This week I decided that I'm comfortable with my Spanish!! I can understand just about everyone in lessons! And a lot when not in lessons!! My goal is to not need any help by the end of March!!! I'm excited because we have like 5 new investigators today!! My new district is fun. It's full of comedians! woo!  Oh ya and my pants don't fit anymore and I had to cut my belt down! So that was a first! I can put my collar over my chin!! I've lost 40lbs! 

Well this week was a ton of planning and things because my comps were the zone leaders but I did a division with another kid who was training in his area but everything went really good! But when I was with him we walked past this family and I got the feeling to talk to them but I didn't and just kept walking then something said go talk to them, just run back and I didn't go then I got it again, so I went and talked to them and they taught them yesterday and accepted the date to be baptized and they said their are like the prefect family to teach!

I wish I could write about all my experiences but they don't give us enough time in here!! haha  

But being in a lesson when I can feel the Spirit and I just start talking not knowing what I'm going to say but then words just come to my mouth is my fav thing! I studied with a kid who was going home and it made me think about going home and I honestly don't want to go home.  I do love everyone but this place is awesome!!! I will never live without the Spirit in my life again! I'll tell you what, if you strive to have the Spirit in your life and not do anything to drive it away you will be happier then you ever have!  I only have 6 weeks in the mission but it seems like a lifetime and I would not trade that time for anything!! My Spanish is coming faster then I thought it would and it's awesome!! I hope everything is going good for everyone!!!

With so much Love!!!

Elder Anderberg

Oh I almost forgot! We almost died because there was a spider the size of my head trying to kill me. My comp screamed like a girl and I just screamed but it was scary! I've never been so scared in my life and then in our room it went under the bed and we couldn't find it! We almost slept out side when Elder Stirling went into the room with a hammer and found it a

nd smashed it!! What a real man.

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