Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rain Rain and more Rain!

Written by Elder Anderberg on March 16, 2015:

So this week it rained every single day! I didn't think that the solar water for the shower would stop working when it was cold...  I have had cold showers this whole week. I'm starting to understand what they said when the mission turns you into a man. By Thursday I didn't even scream when I got into the shower. And there was a spider on the ceiling and I killed it with my bare hands... kind of. But when it rains we get to take the bus because we are not aloud to go swimming on the mission.

 This week I had one thing i felt like I needed to work more on and it was getting investigators to understand why its important to go to church. So I prayed for that, the next day we had a whole zone conference where the mission Pres came and told the best way to get investigators to church! Like what!! So this week we had 5 investigators at church!!  That's the first time, in like a  month, in this area!! I was so pumped! I'll tell you what, if you have faith then anything is possible! Faith is the most important thing to have and that's why it's the first principle of the Gospel! The Lord wants to bless us but first we have to show him we are willing to do the work. Faith is a principle of action. If you work hard and show the Lord you are trying your best and proving you have faith in him he will bless every aspect of your life!!!  

Sorry don't have too much time this week for a real long one but I thought I'd let everyone know that the cholos here all know me by guero. We are friends and they always ask for pass along cards and we think they just use them to smoke, so we don't give them. haha All the people get real drunk and high here and stop us and try to talk to us and it's so funny. So we try to talk to them but they can't. My comp tells me they are my best friends.

I forgot to take pics this week but next week :)

Something I heard this week was try to have a prayer for everything you are grateful for and that when you focus on the good and none of the bad you realize all you have and it makes it a lot easier to be happy!!! The Lord always blesses us  in so many ways but sometimes we don't realize what he does for us!   

Yesterday I got my first kiss in 3 monthsss.... haha jk! But really it's a custom here for the women to give everyone they know a kiss on the cheek and yesterday we were in a family home evening and a lady walked in and shook the other missionary's hands and when she shook mine she bent over and gave me a kiss and I was like uhhhh... did I just sin?  Everybody was laughing so hard but I know that they are just jelly. 

Until next week my dear family!

Elder Andy

(Because the Mexicans can't say Anderberg)

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