Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cholos, Cano and Quesadillas

So this week we had the chance to talk to a lot of cholos (Gangsters) because my companion is scared to talk to them. So I started talking more to them haha. But now they are starting to leave us alone. Before they would try to get us to talk to them and yell at us and stuff, but now when we walk past they just yell BROTHERS! So it's better!!!

My new companion his name is Elder Cano and he is way cool! We likes to work hard and his teaching is really good!! He helps me when I need it and he speaks almost fluent english so if I don't know a word he helps me! It's been a really good week with him but he has a default and now I have also... he likes to eat the food in the street... and I'll tell you what, the food in the street is better then fast food and like 4 thousand times more addicting... I've stalled out with losing wieght so I decided I need to change something... We have a taco station right outside our house and their quesadillas are to die for... I just would eat them all day if it was possible but I guess I am going to start eating healthier. So this morning I bought a bunch of fruit and veggies, like 6 kilos of mangos for 30 pesos which is 2 dollars. So that was sweet and I will continue to lose weight! Woo but enough of that.

This week we were going to have a baptism but she changed her mind because our other companion left without saying bye... So I think she has a little bit of a trust issue. But we got her to come to church this week and she has totally change her mind about church, I think and we also introduced her to the bishop and we had a talk with him and honesly the spirit was so strong, and she said that a couple of her questions were answered so that is so sweet for us! She really is so awesome, the last time we went we knocked on her door and she had strawberry smothies for us!! It was awesome!! But I really do think the Lord had prepared her before and he is working hard with her but I also think the Devil is working hard on her also so we are fighting another War with the devil...  but that's the life of the missionary!! 

This last week we actually changed a lot of things and now we are working harded then ever, because I am not training anymore is time for me to get to work and do what I'm here to do. Not that I wasn't before but I was just following the lead of my companions and now my companion follows me because he doesn't know the area so we are getting to work and doing what we need to, to be the missionarys the Lord needs us to be and we have a bunch of new investigators and we are starting to tear up this area... the missionarys in this ward we decided that we are going to be the missnionarys who change this ward so we have tons of work to do we have 1027 members in our ward and 84 is our average attendence so we are working really hard. 

Yesterday we we had a lesson with a less active and he at first told us he wasn't going to go to church and then we watched a video and we shared our testimonys and the spirit was so strong that we all almost started crying and after he said yes I will be at church! So it's way exciting!! 

I love you all! I dont know if I told you last week but I recieved a bunch of letters from christmas so thank you to everyone who wrote me!! 
With a big amount of love

Elder Andy

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