Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Great Week!

Hey everybody!!

So this week was great!  Other then I had to do splits again, I found out what the word was for divisionales  in English but I forgot when I got here,  but it's when we go with someone like the  zone leader or something like that  but it was really good, I was in an area called Los Reyes which is really small and there is not a lot of mormons but it was actually really cool and one guy gave me a bunch of black berries and they were right off the vine! They were really good and really really big!! We visited some people and everything went good, it is about an hour from our area so the first day was all bus and then the next we worked and then studied and went back. We taught the same lady that I talked about last week and when we talked to her she told us that the church is true and that this is the route she wants for her kids but it's hard for her to give up the Virgin of Guadalupe which doesn't make sense to me but it's all good so there it was good!!

So on Friday we went out and worked really hard and it was really good! We met a new investigator  who said that in the bible it says we don't need a church and we asked him to show us where that was because we had never seen but he didn't know haha if someone knows let us know ahha At the beginning we said a prayer and during the prayer he kept saying YES LORD, PRAISE JESUS and I will tell you I think it's cool he wants to do that during prayer, don't really think it's reverent but hey do you, but I almost let my laugh go holy snap.

Well everything was going good and then we asked hii to pray and he said no that he won't pray to know our message is true which was a first for me but anyways we continued and asked him to say a kneeling prayer and he said no I would like to have a prayer standing up and we were like uhh ok then and when he was praying I opened my eyes a little bit (whoops) and saw him flappin his arms like he was going to fly and it was pretty crazy and we walked out like wow well he will be fun to teach! hahahha But overall it was good!

The last thing is this week we had our first baptism to Hermano Antonio! It was so awesome to see how excited he was to change his life!  (In the pictures he doesn't look excited but he's not a custom to looking happy. He was a thug ok?) We actually did the baptism in a river because in that area they did not have a font so it was really cool to do that and it was beautiful! Now I know why missionaries always look foward to baptisms because it's the greatest thing to help someone feel the happiness that the gospel brings!!

This week I thought about something I think is really cool, I bet I heard it somewhere before but it really hit me as something that I can apply... 7 Days To Make The Best Week Ever! I think this is something everyone if you think about it we can make sure we spend every day making this week the best week ever!! so I'm not going to tell you where I was when I thought about this but you can use your imagination...

Love you all so much! And idk if anyone sent me letter but I think that the last address I gave was badd haha soo if anybody wanted to send me some letters or like candy from America... I would not complain!!!

Timothy Jay Anderberg
Mexico Guadalajara East Mission
calle 18 de marzo 3088 
 col. las aguilas c.p 45080
 Zapopan Jalisco, Mexico  

Just sayin  :D

or you can just write me an email hhaa

Love you all!!!

Elder Andy

So the pics were the baptism where it was and the other one was we had water build up and there was no drain so I had to dump it out hahha

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