Saturday, April 18, 2015


 So this week was week of transfers!! My companion got made a zone leader and sent to Morelia! It's about 2 hours from here! He was actually pretty bumbed and all day Sunday he was like ahhh I don't wantttttt haha. It was so funny! But we had a good 6 weeks together!! Our other companion that was in our district actually finished his mission today! So that was exciting for him! The other missionary got transfered to gGadalajara, So right now I am the only one in the area that knows where and when we eat and the areas. So I feel pretty powerful. I feel like hulk or something like that. But anyways, my new companion is Elder Cano! He is from a city close to Cancun and he's way cool! He trained one of my friends in the MTC so that was kinda cool!! I'm very excited!!

This week we had one of our investigators who told us, she would not get baptized, but she wanted us to keep coming, commit to be baptized this week! So that's pretty exciting! We actually didn't invite her, she told us that after going to conferance she recieved her answer and is ready to be baptized, it was pretty awesome!! We are very excited for her and my companion said he thinks she has a crush on me and I said, well the fact that she is 55 and married makes that very scary haha but she very sweet and she sells tortas and they are so good and she always gives us some when we go! I am very excited for her. She has investigated many chruches and she knew that she found something with us and that is why she continued and now we are in a great place with her and her conversion! It's so cool!

So we went to see Antonio this week and oh  my gosh... if I could tell you a change!! I have said before that the Gospel changes lives but when we went to see Antonio I literally saw a different person. When we came he was so excited and went and changed into pants and then got his familly to come to the lesson and his daughter actually decided to be baptized too! But one thing we did with him when he was scared to pray somone would pray first and then he would do one and at the end of our lesson we asked her to pray and she said she was scared and then he said how about I do one and then you do one... my heart almost melted...  he listened to us! And now he wants to recieve the Preisthood to be able to baptize his daughter next week! Gosh I think that was the best birthday present I could have recieved!! He will go far in life with the Gospel in his life!

So on my birthday, I actually forgot it was my birthday, but at the end of the day I remebered so we bought pizza! It was so good!! And today I bought candy because hey it was my birthday eh? So ya I'm eating skittles for the first time in months! And I don't even feel bad about it! Also I gained 2 pounds so I decieded that after this candy I'm going to quit candy for this transfer and go running haha So thats exciting!!

I think I had a funny story but I don't remeber.... I thought about saying a black joke but it doesn't seem apropriate... 

Oh  but my spanish with somethings when people talk its like they are speaking English I can understand so good! Which is goood because my companion doesn't speak good English!!

Love you all and thanks for the Birthday wishes!!!

Elder Andy

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