Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dos Meses En El Campo!

Written by Elder Anderberg on March 23, 2015:

Well it's been an awesome ride so far! I have two months in the field and it's been great! I actually can't remember any of it but this last week went by so so fast! It was crazy!!

We did Splits, I think it is in English, this week where I went with another person for our zone leader to see how my companion works and stuff, so he went to another place that we have called Tanaquillo, which is a place in our area that's about an hour in bus from where we serve and talked to one of our investigators. But he has some problems and his date to be baptized was this week. But he had to have an interview with the president of the mission. But since we have been meeting with him I can see how bad he wants to change, he has two daughters and have tattoos all over and he just looks like a straight up gangster, right now he is in the process of building his house and it's big so we think he is rich.  haha His name is Antonio, he is way nice and when I am with him I can talk in Spanish so well and I'm so excited for him!

Also this week when we were on splits we taught an investigator of theirs and we brought the president of their rama, I think it's branch in English. But honestly our lesson I think was terrible at first because every time we would start to explain something he would jump in and explain it so much different but it was so hard not to laugh. I had to hold my self so hard, she was explaining about how Jehovah witnesses believe that Jehovah is God BUT we know he's Jesus Christ and she was getting into some deep doctrine and just kept talking and talking and then we would try to talk and she would go with one of the things that we say and go so deep and my companion was bugged but I was just trying not to laugh because she just kept going and going and at the end I told her that no matter what we tell her she needs to pray because God knows everything and so on and then the President took over from and and I chuckled a little bit. I was trying so hard but it was funny to me that she just kept goin and didn't have a point where she didn't know something and I told him like 5 times we need to go because lessons were only suppose to be 1 hour or less but it was 2 hours haha oh man I enjoyed it though! I think that they needed to go and explain everything a little simpler if that's a word, gosh it's hard to speak in English now! 

So today we were with  the other missionaries and we went to the park to play soccer and they had a rock climbing wall and we looked at it and said that's not tall at all we will see you at the top! But when we actually got up there we were all so scared and then I found out that they are also both afraid of heights and when they were going down they were so scared and it was so funny! They are not very athletic so going up and down was a little bit difficult but oh man it was so funny when we were up there we were laughing so hard because we were all so scared and it looked so small before we climbed it but when we got to the top it was like well that was a bad idea. But ya that was fun!

Everything's been going good though! Oh! Almost forgot! The investigator who needed the interview did have it and he is all good to be baptized this week! So I'll have pictures for that next week. I'm super excited for him! We might do it in a river because they don't have a font where he lives but if not then we are going to have to find some way for everyone from there to come here and do the service! We will see! But he is a straight up ganster that changed his life so I am super excited that he is doing it for reals...  The whole time I've been here everyone says they want a change but don't actually do anything about it but he is my first investigator who did everything he committed to do and when we told him not to drink coffee he said ah man well I want this change so much that it will be easy for me to do it. I'm so pumped to baptized a thug!
We visited an investigator this last week also that said that she knows that the church is true and really wants to be baptized and her husband is working on it but I feel really good about her and she is keeping all the commitments that we give!  It's exciting!! 

I think the biggest thing I learned this week is learn to enjoy the moment because this moment right now will never come back, I cant believe how fast time is going, I left my home three and a half months ago and it's insane, it used to be I could look at a clock and time would slow down, maybe it's just that I'm in Mexico but now when I look at a clock time goes faster! It's like I hit the pillow and then I'm 5 mins from hitting it again, my companion said that once you hit 7 months you hit the pillow and your on month 8... but now were off to another week!! 

Hasta proxima samana!!

Elder Andy!

(At this point it's just my name)

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