Saturday, April 18, 2015


This week was so sweet! I'm just going to get conference out of the way! This conference I have never been so attentive! If that's a word. The way that this conference impacted me made me want to be a better missionary and make everything be as perfect as I can!! But one of my biggest questions was answered this week and I'm going to share what it was.

I've obviously never been perfect and I have sins and problems just like everybody. I have had times in my life when I had to ask myself if God is real just like everybody. I have had many times where I asked why should I follow the commandments? And I have had many times where I didn't and it cost me. But still until this conference I had my biggest question answered.

Why don't I just live my life and not worry about commandments and do what ever I want and party       "Eat Drink and be Marry" it just seems so much easier for those people who party and have fun but during this conference and from now I on I know why I follow the commandments. It's not because I will look like a better person or because I can be an example to others those are just perks... but it's because I love Him. I LOVE Our Heavenly Father and I love Jesus Christ... nobody understands what Jesus Christ did for us and we will not have to go through that in this life, but he did it for us out of love. We have an opportunity to love him and show through the life we live how much we love Him. There is no greater gift we have received and we will never be able to comprehend what he did for us.

For me there is a new reason to be out here on a mission and help other people and that is because of love. I love every single one of you and I miss every single one of you so much but the Lord asked me to be here and so I am out here and I am out here out of love. 

So that was sweet, but also this week we have started a new thing called GRACIASAQUEELVIVE which means thank you to that he lives but I think it is because he lives in English, it's on the front page on youtube. But this helped me gain a testimony and if you want a family home evening idea throught that on and the first time read what it says and talk about what you have thanks to him living and then look at the pictures only and tell me its not exactly what you said... this was a testimony builder for me, I hope it will do the same for you...

We had an activity for this initiative we have with our ward and then we played volley ball after and I'll tell you what if you ever want to see a bishop mad make sure the team opposed to him wins haha but that was really fun.

Yesterday we had a guy stop us on the street and it was so funny. He almost fell 5 times and we had to catch him and oh man he was right in front of me and I heard his vomit coming and................ I jumped out of the way but wow it was a lot and then he fell over thankfully the other way then his throw up but then his cholo buddies came over to him and helped him and we left but if I didn't step out of the way I would have had a face full of alcohol throw up.  So I count that as a blessing this week  

Everything was great this week! I love you all! Me and my companions moto is to be "STRONGER THEN YESTERDAY". I don't know who sings this song but my companion always sings it so now it's our moto haha. So I invite everyone to be stronger or better then they were yesterday!!

Adios muchachos!!

Elder Andy

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