Monday, May 4, 2015

Fellin' Like A Man

So to start off this week I’m going to make all the men feel a little bit inadequate. This week I bought a straight blade and have been shaving with it all week. I’m pretty sure that when I started using it I literally went from a boy to a man. 

So because I turned into a man we found 10 new investigators and they’re way good investigators also! So here it’s been really hot but everybody likes to talk to us and people ask to buy us beers and it’s so nice! Every time we just tell we don’t drink but we would like to pass by and tell them why and they buy us a soda so everything is going really good here!!  

To be honest I was more tired this week then my first week in the mission but I go to bed on time so we are waiting for that to go away! I read a story when a guy was at work and he was young, he was just a teenager and stayed out every night late and woke up early for work and was just really tired, he worked  in a university as a janitor and every like four steps was a bench and he was so tired and every bench just looked better and better to laydown and just take a short nap. But when he was young his dad told him that you always give a full days work and if not you are stealing from your boss... In this moment he could barley keep his eyes open. So he said a prayer inside his heart and asked for help, please help me stay awake and complete a full days work... But he didn’t receive anything so he said another one and still didn’t receive anything... Then he said another one but this one was different, it wasn’t just a prayer for help but he said please help me stay awake and complete a full days work...... but even if I don’t receive the help I will complete this day of work.... In this moment he felt the energy he needed.

He had Faith. Faith is a principle of action. He demonstrated that even if he doesn’t get the exact help he needs he’s going to do what he needs to do to complete this day of work... If we don’t do anything to show our faith then we are not going to receive anything. In our lives we have the chance every day to do something better and show that we have enough Faith to act, before we receive. The Lord said in D&C 82:10, I don’t have my scriptures in English so I can’t quote it exactly, but it says that when you do what I ask I am obligated but when you don’t you have no promise... I hear every day that people have Faith but then they have no action. So my question is, Do you have Faith? And if so, what kind of action do you need to do to show your Faith to The Lord.

Sometimes in our work the only thing we can do is have Faith but then I have to think if Faith is action then what more can I do to help this person or receive my answer! I love you all!!  

Until next week!!! 

Elder Andy

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