Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This Week

So this week was so sweet but I have like no time to write! ha-ha! I had an experience that happened while I was on divisions with Elder Mills our district leader! 

We had an amazing experience when we were doing divisions with Elder Mills. We got a reference from a member, her brother, and she had given it to the missionaries before but it’s really of the way and they never went. So we were talking to people and we found another person from there the day before, so Elder Mills and I said ok we are going to go find this area and find the reference and we put a goal to talk to 25 people this day and up to that point we hadn’t talked to very many. So we finally went there and the streets don’t have names and the houses don’t have numbers and the guy we talked to the day before said just knock on a door and ask for there name everybody is really nice and knows everybody. So we said ok! So we went and talked to every single person that was in the street and they would give us a house and it wasn’t them but we talked to them and wrote around where their houses are and we searched for about an hour and a half and we literally had zero success. So we said let’s go back but first let’s go down this street. We went down this street and I saw someone to talk to so I asked her if she know this person that we talked to and it was literally the house in front of us. Then we asked her for her name and she told us Guadalupe Reynoso and we were looking for Francisco Reynoso and I was like no way! She was his sister and she showed us where he lived and we got 5 new investigators and throughout the day we completed our goal of talking to 25 people!!! It was so cool for me to have this experience because if everything didn’t happen exactly like it did we would have never found him that day!!!

This is what I wrote to the President so it’s weird and I don’t know how to change it. haha But I hope it makes sense and everything here is going so so so so good!! I feel like a rock star missionary right now!! Thanks for reading my emails guys! haha

Elder Andy

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