Monday, May 25, 2015


Well I got changed again and everything is going so good! I have 5 and a half months in the mission and I’ve had 4 areas and 5 companions! It’s awesome!! 

My last day in my other area I had a feeling that I was going to go and then I went but before I went and talked to some of the people in this area and one guy is a big ole thug that if he was white you would call him a red neck and he just is one of those guys who doesn’t cry and he never goes to church... so in this last day I visited him and shared a message and the spirit was so strong and he started crying and I starting crying and the spirit was insane vie never felt the spirit so strong in my entire mission and I’m so happy that it went so amazingly and I hope that he actually decides to start attending church! 

I’m in a new area where they have a whole bunch of people in this area just about ready to be baptized. We are opening this area because the other missionaries here did such a great job that they needed other missionaries to help them out with all of their converts and investigators and so I’m excited to be here in Zacapu, Michuacan. my new companion is Elder ;Mujica and he is very experienced.... in life and in the mission... he’s like 27 years old but everything is going so good here and the weather is so great! I’m so excited to be here!!!

I love you all!! 

Elder Andy

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