Sunday, June 7, 2015


Sorry, Mom’s a little behind.  This was written by Elder Anderberg on June 1, 2015:

I’ll tell you what this area is probably the best area in the mission, it doesn’t get to hot and when it rains it rains like mad, and I love the rain so much! The ward is awesome and they help us in everything that we need. We will never go without food in this area and usually we have too much food to handle. Something key about the ward is having lessons with member there and this week we had 35 and it broke a record. we have a whole bunch of members who want to help and also there’s no down fall everyone is always in there house and just about everyone can say "hi how are you" but that’s all they know and since I’m a white boy always say it when we stop people to talk to them but its chill now they are investigators!

In this area the people are very catholic but when they change they are members forever and they will be strong in the church so we are searching for the people who honestly don’t want to listen but it seems like every time we talk to someone like that they always are so hard at the beginning of the lesson and then after they ask us when we can come back so it’s really exciting to teach people like that! 

Well I don’t know if you remember in my first couple of letter I wrote about exact prayers, well this week we started doing exact prayers and guess they work!! It’s so awesome! the first one we have a girl that’s like 14 years old and wants to be baptized so bad but her parents are never in there house! So I did a prayer and they were both there and we taught them a lesson and it was awesome! and then we on Saturday night we were planning and we don’t have investigators who live close to our house so we prayed for a reference to receive on Sunday in the chapel close to our house and right after all the services a lady came up to me and said I have someone for you to work on and I was ok let’s see, she gave the reference and she literally live like to streets from our house. 

Right now my testimony is so strong that exact prayers work and that we will be blessed if we do them!!!

I love you all!! Until next time!!

Elder Andy

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