Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Great Week!

Written June 22, 2015

This week started out terrible but then ended good!! When it started I had a fever and felt terrible but we worked anyways and even though for me it wasn’t productive I think our investigators learned a lot. I actually had the worst head ache I’ve ever had but in the end we found some golden investigators who I’m pretty sure will be baptized soon!!! 

I have always been focused on love and charity because they are attributes of Christ and I know that one needs to have these attributes. but then I was thinking about how God punishes the people who are bad to humble them so I started to think more about the things that I needed to say even if I needed to say something that hurt people’s feelings with scriptures but got to the point because I thought that was loving them because That’s how God does it right? Well first I’m not God even though I hope one day I’ll be one. And second, why does God punish people. Well in BOM it says that God punishes to humble the people. But the people in Mexico are the most prideful people I have ever met. So I learned that I really can’t punish people because they take it the wrong way... so how do we do it? The answer is love them. It says in the bible that a father who doesn’t punish his children doesn’t love them but I’m not their father! It’s not my place to punish people! Sometimes I gotta tell some people things the help them know but if I do it with love they will listen. I have to love every single person like they are my brother.  

I’m sorry that I wanted to read all the email today but everything other than I was sick as so great! Love you all and I’m excited to hear from you next week!!! 

Love yall!!!

Elder Andy

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