Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What A Week!!

So to start off this week sorry that I didn’t tell you last week that our p day is today hah we had a change in mission president and he didn’t want to come on a p day for some reason, but here we are. we had a meeting with the president for his last on and since we live like way out of the way we had to sleep somewhere else on Monday night wake up at 230 (ya didn’t sleep) and go and I made friends with an elder who lives in Orem he’s super cool but we left for Guadalajara at5 in the morning and it was horrible because they were singing in the bus and so we just ended up talking it was fun but I didn’t sleep for 36 hours and then we slept for 8 hours and worked and it was terrible haha  but the meeting we had was good and I learned a lot....

So this week I had an amazing experience, me and my companion were doing divisions with the first and second counselors of this ward and so we left and went for two new investigators in our area, totally met with this guy and he was so cool. He had lived in Las Vegas in a hard life for time and spent time in prison but that where he found out that God lives and so he started studying the bible a lot and he totally believes in the things we believe and he wants to be close to God. Usually we share a message about the restoration but I felt impressed to share with him Faith in Jesus Christ but to use scriptures from the book of Mormon so that what I did and he was so impressed and the scriptures were exactly what he was saying about faith and it was so perfect. I followed the spirit and it was perfect he asked questions about things that the answer is only in the book of Mormon like about how we have this life with our family and how miracles don’t happen in these days and why the pastor at the catholic church has a bmw and was asking for more money for his tithing and he believes exactly what we believe and he wants to learn more and he is so excited! The spirit has never been so strong and I swear God put him right into our hands. The Lord is preparing people every day to hear our message. I pray every day to have an experience like that and when it happened it was amazing.

So we were leaving I knew that his mom was sick but when we were leaving she asked if we could say a prayer for her and we said would you like a blessing??  And she said yes! so the first counselor anointed the oil and then I sealed it and in Spanish there’s two different ways to say you which is Usted and Tú and when you give a blessing you talk in Tú so and we talk usually in Usted so I am always nervous to give a blessing because it’s hard for me to talk that way but this time I didn’t have any fear. I knew what I needed to sat and said it. And when I finished almost everyone in the room was crying and the experience was just amazing. 

Anyways! I love you all!!! 

Have a Great week! Thanks to everyone who wrote me!!

Elder Andy

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