Friday, July 17, 2015

July 4!!!

July 6, 2015

Holy crap the 4th of July came! Do you know what happens on the 4th July in Mexico?! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I looked at my watch yesterday and it was the fifth. I was pissed for like 4 minutes. But then I got over it.

Oh! Also today was transfers!! And I finally found a companion who wants me! We will have another month and a half together for sure and then after that who knows! But the fact that he is my 7th companion makes me think my others didn’t want me! Nah just kidding but really though. 

Today we found a laundry mat and it said the they wash clothes like in the USA! And I was like oh! I know how the clothes come out in USA let’s go! And so we went and then they told us how much it cost. freaking expensive. My companion said it says clean like the US not Pay like the US but its chill our clothes were super soft for like the first time in the mission. 

Anyways. so we had a great week! A couple of my friend went home from the mission so that’s exciting! But this week we found a whole bunch of investigators. One we went to her house and she told us that she thinks the church is true because we went to visit her. So we were like oh that was easy! ° we also found a bunch of youngins like20 and they were way fun to teach even though I’m pretty sure they were a little buzzed because there was a 44 oz. beer on the table but its chill they asked me how to say drunk in English but later they listened like really intently and we found some good families to teach through them! Oh and one of them was named nacho.... nacho is his name. I think it’s awesome but we know why he drinks. We’re going to change his life though!

The guy we taught last week loves us and really wants to change his life and the spirit is always so strong! I love teaching him! When we go he listens and he wants to do everything he can to live and be closer to God. I can’t wait for his future. It’s so awesome how God is literally preparing people for us. My companion and I, we were talking and we both feel like God is just putting a ton of people in our path so we can change their lives! Is so great and love teaching! 

Also we went to the house of a young kid we are teaching and his mom told us that God told her in the morning that he was going to send his messengers to us.

 So that was awesome! But its time to go! I love you all! 

Have a great week!!!

Elder Andy

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