Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mothers Day!!

Written May 16, 2016

 we had the mother’s day late! we bought them roses and made them food and then a member bought a really expensive small cake and gave it to the moms (and us for organizing everything but don’t tell!) 

Then we made two teams  

would have been nice if they all had husbands to have it be a competition between the two but since they don’t we and the young kids and like one dad had to be on one team and the moms on the other! 

we gave the moms huge advantages like we bobbed for apples and the moms had the stems and the dads team no

or we had to move coco puffs from one cup to another and it was way close for the moms and the dads team it was super far away. and then we did the thing that you have to move the cookie from your forehead to your mouth and the moms three of them did it (I helped a mom by pushing one in her mouth hahahaha) and for the dads team the cookies ran out so we had to use chips and that was way hard, only one did it and the moms won. 

so the prize was..................

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