Sunday, April 10, 2016


                                                                                                   Written March 7, 2016

Well this week was kind of a bummer as my comp got real sick and he couldn’t work or even leave the house because they said it was really contagious (don’t judge me for not knowing how to spell that word... I didn’t even know when I could speak English fluently) so I didn’t get sick and my comps either but we just had to sit in the house and ya know how I was complaining about how I was just so tired it totally got rejuvenated! woo! 

then in the weekend we had to stay up late so I’m tired again.

anyways on Saturday we held mutual and it went all good we made pie and it was fun.

and then on Sunday we had services and we had an attendance of 7 and everyone got up to bear their testimonies it was so cool and one of them was an investigator! sooo cool! the spirit was so strong. I love this area so much.

then we went with a family and taught them how to teach the less actives and try to help them open up about the things that are hard in their life so we can help them!

it was a very fast week so not a lot to say...

haha I love you all!!! 

Elder Andy

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