Sunday, April 10, 2016

one week splits

                                                                                                  Written March 21, 2016

This week my comp was training another Missionary to be the Branch Pres so I went and I took his place for a week. this area was so cool. honestly I feel in love with the people there and the members. I guess I do that with every place I go but this area wasn’t so big so it was a little bit easier. I was pumped to be there.

totally licked a dinosaur bone.... not many people can say they did that! my tongue totally got stuck! IT GOT STUCK! AND I DONT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY!!! BUT I DONT EVEN CARE BECAUSE I LICKED A DINOSAUR BONE! 

anyways I also got attacked by a cat but then I played with it. and we did some service and my comp for the week was way funny, it was a cool week and way fun. I learned a little more on the guitar.

oh my gosh my comp walks so fast! I was sweating just to get here with him! it’s better to just jog all day! I’ll tell you all one thing. I’m gonna lose weight this month. because he also wants to eat healthy. ugh... it’s cool though. maybe I won’t be so freaking hungry all the time and I’ll be able to learn how to control it or at least but things in the stores that are healthy.

anyways I’m doing really good. it will be a fun little rest of the time here. I love you all!!!! 

Elder Anderberg

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