Sunday, February 7, 2016

Better Week!

                                                                                                Written January 18, 2016

This week was better than last week! Woo!!! This week we traveled a ton and it was awesome! We got to get so much work done it was crazy! We are going to have a couple of baptisms in the next couple of weeks! 

We went up and had church services in a place called Yahualica Jalisco! there were three people that came but that’s because my comps were only two for a while so they couldn’t divide and n0ow that I’m here we are starting it back up and tryi8ng to get to the point to where they can be self-sufficient and have a branch and then send missionaries there so that they can work there all the time but the problem is that there are a lot of drug dealers there and it’s not the safest place in the world but we’ve had a lot of success there so far and it will keep growing because there are a lot of people there that are interested so when we go we are there all day teaching. We leave at 830 in the morning and get back at 930-945 so it’s been really cool to be able to have this part in our area

 I’ll tell you what it’s been cold here. I don’t know if it’s because I turned into a wuss or it’s really cold here. I wake up and feel like an icicle and then I have to work out and do pushups and things and I’m all tired and freezing so that part kinda sucks I guess once in history it snowed here and everyone went crazy.  Really just want to be in the snow if I’m going to be cold and not have a jacket. I don’t bring one because I don’t like to carry it when it’s not cold and when it is cold I can deal with it but my comps are over here dying haha one of them is from a place nearby Cancun so he just wants to die because for him its super-duper cold haha its funny to listen to him talk about how cold it is. I just think of when we went skiing and it is sooo cold and there’s a blizzard and you don’t think your gonna keep your feet because there is for sure frost bite because there so cold you can’t feel them. And then I laugh at him.

I got to talk to a couple people in English in the street because they started to talk to me and one guy was drinking but then he said that he had lived in sandy and got deported and when I gave a card with the salt lake temple on it he started crying and said he wants to change and then he told me that I was his angel and that when he looks in my eyes that he feels peace and that all the music and things of the world just shut out. It was cool to hear someone tell me I was there angel haha I hope we can help him be better.

I love you all and gotta go!!! 

With a lot of love always accepting packages 

Elder Andy

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