Sunday, February 28, 2016

Good Week...Stressful...But Very Rewarding

Written Feb 22, 2106

Well starting out the week we went and had an activity with our zone when like 30 missionaries get together and play soccer and eat hamburgers. It was fun and all, just that... well I don’t know how to play soccer... but I know how to eat hamburgers so it was still fun! I only took out one person during the soccer game so that’s a new record!  Oops! 

 After that the whole week we were focused on the getting everyone to the temple that was planned for the 20th of February. This is something that for us is really stressful because we have to set up EVERYTHING…down to the interviews for every young man and women and the people that have not been endowed because there’s no temporary temple recommends in the branch so every time we go they have to have an interview. And my comp does them. This last week he did about 20 even though a couple ended up not going.  An interview can be 10 mins or an hour so we got home late every day this week. And going to bed late and then getting up early and doing exercise even though I was so tired and then having to walk in the heat to find out that the people we went to visit weren’t even there and not being able to find an address. And then having to look at everything that we needed to do like call the van to come get us, set up the time to get to the temple. Be able to have money for the young men and women so they could eat and go to a movie as they waited for us and not to mention we had to help the people who live outside of where we are be able to get there and they don’t have money so we had to get them money and oh my gosh. Everything happened at the same time and it was a packed week but in the end we all got to go to the temple.

In the temple we were the temple workers, and as usual our plans didn’t work out and we were doing baptisms for like 3 hours and so we didn’t make it to the session.  So we had to wait from 12:30 till 5 o’clock and like last time we didn’t get to go but this time the young men and women went to go do things. We had time to eat and go into the session. It was my first time going in and it was honestly so spiritually uplifting. It was SO REWARDING to be able to go in and just feel so close to my Heavenly Father and give thanks for the strength he keeps giving me to keep moving forward even though I’m so tired and have some of my prayers answered. For me time stopped when I was praying and I felt the Spirit so strong that I didn’t want to stop the conversation with him and I felt a tap on my back and I finished up my prayer looked up and only I was there... nobody else... haha it was weird but they said I was in there forever. Haha it was so awesome though. We left and I said I wanna go again haha all the stress was so worth it. I would invite all you that are close to like 100 temples in Utah to take the chance to go. It was so great to be able to go in.

That’s my whole week. I love you all!!!

Elder Andy

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