Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Great Week!

                                                                                                        Written January 25, 2016

This week was way cool! We are going to have two bautismos this week and they are family so its way cool! They have been investigating the church for a while and they have been going to church for a while and now they feel ready! It’s so awesome! I’m excited to be able to be here and be part of it!

 When we went and did the servises over there we asked one of the two members to give a talk on the Holy Ghost and he accepted willingly and asked for help so I helped him find a scripture and his wife read it in his talk because he doesn’t read very well but it was way powerful. I testified that the day before he was listening to a hymn about baptism and he said that the spirit testified to him that he was doing the right thing helping his wife make it to baptism and the he felt it in his heart and that he felt a burning sensation in his chest. He said that when he was giving his talk he also felt it and he started crying and obviously I had rivers flowing from my eyes and it was super awesome. I know there will be a branch there one day and someday a ward. The members there are very happy and they preach the gospel even though we can’t in that area. So cool

Also we went to another place called Aranedas that is far from our area but part of our area also this week and it was cool. The members there love us! I felt like I was with family and they laughed at like everything that I said probably pity laughs but it was really fun and they said now every Saturday is going to be fun. And the lesson we had with them was insanely spiritual and then after not going to church for 4 years they went to church. Our lesson was really cool and I know that they felt it because they came to church! 

Well that’s all that happened this week but I love you all and hope that everything is going good!!!

Elder Andy

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