Friday, September 25, 2015

This week was sweet. I feel like it’s my last week in this area but who knows. We are having a great time over here and the members in this ward love us. I had the opportunity to send some things home to my family because one of the members has family in Utah and they brought a package to my fam. it was way sweet and I got to get them their Christmas presents via members. Dope.

This week we had a family home evening with some of our investigators. Martha and her family and some members from our ward! It was awesome. As you can see by the subject we read Lehi´s dream. My Uncle one time showed me his 1 Nephi 8 and it had marks to read it Lehi´s dream faster. So I thought I’d give it a try and so I did that and we read it and had they draw what they thought it should look like and also brought a photo by someone who painted it and it was super cool. We had a judge who judged and they were supposed to choose but they said they all looked good... which actually they did so we gave everyone some coconut candy and it was super fun and they loved it. We played some games and then the members had some snacks also. We sang some hymns and what makes me so happy is that her son who is 20 years old loves..... I AM A CHILD OF GOD..... It was the first one we helped him learn and he loves it. And one of the members with buy him a hymn book after he gets baptized. It’s pretty excited to see them progressing and having fun with us as the same time! Martha will be making her first covenant with God this week. Super exciting!!!

I learned something last night. We had a lesson with some lady that is progressing really well. She at first was a little hesitant to let us in but later told us ya come on in and we said cool.  So near the end of our lesson somebody walked in and she said really fast.... I’m sorry he’s been drinking.... and I was like oh... well we´d like to end with a prayer and he walked over and said you guys are talking about God? Well I’m here and I’m the devil. And we were like.... ok what’s gonna happen next.... he shook my hand and then kissed it and then gave my comp a hug. And then we said a prayer and then he put his hand out to shake it again and brought me in for a hug so we gave him a hug.... and then he didn’t want us to leave but we left. So what did I learn? That the drunks just want a hug. 

This computer doesn’t have usb so I can’t send pics this week... but I love you guys!!! 

Love yall!!! 

Elder Andy

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