Monday, September 7, 2015

I don't know what to put as the subject anymore

August 31, 2015

Ok, so this week thanks to my sister Joey, I now know how many days I have left in the mission. I thought I was doing pretty Good at not keeping track but its cool. I love it. 

Everything in our area is going great. I talked about Martha last week but this week she talked a lot about how her family is making fun of her for being baptized and for that some of her family doesn’t want to be baptized, but she told us,’’ I am decided’’. At one point she was almost baptized and then she didn’t do it because of her family but this time she told her family that she is decided and she knows the church is true! We are so excited for her! 

So I had an email to send like I don’t even know when but I found it in my drafts and didn’t know why it didn’t send but it’s the funniest thing that happened in my mish.

"Two days ago something happened and I literally still laugh when I think about it but we were walking in a pretty rural area and my companion loves animals. He always acts super manly but when an animal comes he just get super Gay and its pretty funny but this week he repented because a lamb walked up to him and my companion changed and then he touched it and it hit him with its head TWICE! And then my comp ran away and this thing came to me and I threw a rock in from of it and it ran away. So later we went to the same place and this thing walked right up to my comp and hit him way hard in the knee!!! And went to do it again and my comp took off but this time instead of coming for me it chased my companion! I would have Went to help him, but I was laughing so hard with this random guy in the street that I fell over. He jumped a wall of rock sand this thing left. But then when I went to find my comp still laughing the thing came after me! Running full speed!! I jump that wall so fast because that thing could have killed me!! so then it left and we kept going but shoot it was awesome!!! I’m still laughing along with this random dude that was sitting on a rock.

This week was a great week!!! Tbh we didn’t have as many lessons but I guess quality more then quantity. We have had a problem with getting people to come to church and then this week we had like 4 people just show up at the chapel!! 1 it was awesome! We were so happy and these people are honestly looking so good!!! I’m so excited for them!!!

 We got a new president of the mission and we had interviews with him. They are so loving and really don’t speak great Spanish and so we spoke a lot of English! Almost everybody speaks English so it’s ok!!! When we talked I learned so much from him and it made me want to work harder!!! He was in the air force for like 34 years and so I really don’t want to get on his bad side... 

We found a new investigator and she is great!!! Her husband is a member and she is pregnant!! They are honestly so nice and I’m so excited to teach them!!  

I’m still learning every day I’m out here. But I love you all so much and id love to hear from you!!!"

So that was an email that I guess I didn’t send a while ago but ya hahah I almost died for like 5 days laughing at it hahah but I love yall

Hope everything is going great!!! Ttyl

Elder Andy

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