Monday, September 7, 2015

Priesthood authority saves lifes

August 17, 2015
So this week was so great! Other then I’m pretty sure this week was so hot I almost turned into a raisin and nobody was home so we walked an insane amount but what ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? ha-ha but no biggy... vale la pena

Well I saw some pics from when I was in the mtc... why didn’t anybody tell me I was so fat. I thought that’s what friends were for! ha-ha its chill, everything right now is different I’m totally getting skinny! not that that the only thing about life but tbh I feel so much healthier and ill send a pic with why I feel healthier.

So this week was seriously awesome! We gave a blessing to a lady in our ward. She is so awesome she gives us food every Tuesday but she got a tumor in her...matrix... not sure if that’s the exact translation but it was 12 cm big and it was harder then a cement wall because it was taking all her calcium. They had to take out the matrix thing and now she can’t have babies they are a young couple but have two little kids who are very crazy. She had the surgery and then after she had so much pain. she said that it was the worst pain she had ever felt and she literally thought she was going to die. We got there on Tuesday morning and gave her a blessing and then left, she barely had strength to talk or move for that matter. She looked terrible and this was like two days after the surgery. We left and didn’t hear anything until yesterday we went and talked to her because she was back in her house on Wednesday afternoon but we didn’t make it until last night and when we went she smiled when we got there and we said a few jokes like always even though she told us she couldn’t laugh but she explained to us that she thought she was going to die and the pain was unbearable. But then after we came and gave her the blessing the pain was as unbearable. She was able to stand up and walk to the bathroom and take a shower and eat after she hadn’t eaten for 6 days and everything is healing. She told us that the blessing is what changed everything, she had received some blessing from her dad and her husband before us but told us that the blessing we gave her was what saved her and I was so happy to have been apart of that! It was a great week!!! 

I read something in the email of my amigo in Africa serving a mission that I wanted to share

"A question that I continually ask my self is.
How much do I really love the Savior Jesus Christ and Our Loving Heavenly Father? Right when that clock hits 12am... It is the Lords day... The one day out of the 7 in a week that Heavenly Father has asked us to devote to the Lord. How do I prepare myself on the Sabbath to receive the Sacrament? There are 168 hours in a week and The Lord has only asked for 1 full hour devoted to him. One thing to bring in mind as well is that The Sacrament is an ordinance... It is an ordinance just like baptism and just like getting sealed in the temple... I don't think that anyone would want to be the slightest of late for their sealing in the temple. That is the attitude that we should have come the Sabbath day. How much do we really think about the Savior during the week in preparation for the sacred ordinance of the Sacrament? We promise to always remember him. It says so in the Sacrament Prayer.... This day is The Lords day and therefore we are on the Lords Time. What are we doing with that time to show our appreciation for all that he has done for us? Mission has truly changed my view on the Sabbath but obviously if our leaders felt the need to have a General Authorities training that lasted several days on Sabbath Day Observance then obviously that is what the world needs. That is the CHANGE that our Heavenly Father wants his children to make. The change of making the Sabbath into a DELIGHT"

If we need to make changes do it because obedience brings blessingS!!!!

Love yall!!!!

Elder Andy

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