Friday, September 25, 2015

Alright week with a twist.

I’m sure your wondering what that twist is. I am too because I don’t remember so we will see if I remember by the end of this email. 

This week we had a good week. Yesterday we had a conference with the pres of the mish. He taught us a whole bunch but one of the things was to focus on the less actives and to help at least 5 families reactivate. That would be sweet because we have only 5 less active families in our area so we would have no less actives families in the area... haha we focused on them these last two days and its been pretty good since we've only been working for like a couple hours these days. They all have people in their families who are not members that would be sweet to have them as investigators!

Umm... maybe the twist was this... so if you remember Martha, she has a daughter in law who said she was really into the gospel but she got super drunk and took pills and punched Martha and Martha’s face was swollen for like a week. It was sad because she is old and I felt super bad but we gave her a blessing and she went to church even though she was in her bed feeling sick she got up and said, alli voy hermanos! I’m going brothers! And it was super awesome. She is so excited to be baptized. She just loves the church. Even though we have to pay for their bus they are making an effort in going.

Oh!!!! Ok my comp just reminded me what the real twist was!!!! So were walking in the street and we see a huge beetle with a big horn on its nose and my comp picked it up with his agenda and we were like oh that’s sweet and while he was picking it up a drunk dude said HERMANOS! I said, uh oh... and he came up and said "Those things don’t do anything. Let me have it." He put it on his hand and said "Should I eat it?" and it fell... but then he picked it up we were saying NO NO NO! He went buck wild and popped it in his mouth like a Jolly Rancher. We just left FAST and he turned around and said sounding like he was angry "Hermanos!!! It’s your fault" were not sure if he died. But we told him not to eat it.

Love yall.. Don’t eat beetles

Elder Andy

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