Friday, September 25, 2015



Honestly I can’t even believe how fast it went. But we are here again. I am starting to feel like there is not enough time to do anything. We thought we were doing well on time today and then it was 430 and we were like oh! We have to write!!! So I got here and I was pumped that everyone wrote me but if I didn’t respond now you know why.. (Emoji smiley that’s cute...) 

So we have changed our routine from investigators investigators investigators to.... investigators, recent converts, and less active... and now we have a recipe for success. The Lord has already blessed us with people to teach that are just so ready. I love them and it’s so fun to teach someone who wants to change their lives and give up things to do so. It’s so awesome. I’m so happy to be here. I’ve been in this area for 4 months and it’s been my best area yet. 

This is half the letter from last week. The internet stopped working and deleted half of my letter and didn’t send!!! But at least you can read this part!!! haha love yall!!!

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