Monday, October 19, 2015


Sept 28, 2015

So this week was great!!! it was the last week in the transfer and this last zone meeting that we had they changed the rule where they were calling us really late in the night on Sunday to call us before 1030 on Saturday! It’s way better because now we have time to pack and say by to the members who we served with. but the thing about this week is that we didn’t have transfers and I’m going to kill my companion...(that just means he´ll finish his mission with me.) so it’s going way good in our area.

This week Martha who I was talking about in my last emails we went to her very humble house and we were teaching and she was talking and commented that she didn’t eat anything that day and that the kitchen is dry and they don’t have any money. it just so happened that this day we went to visit some people that make bread for tortas... sandwiches but better... and they gave us two loafs of bread and in this moment it popped in my head that I had this bread and so we gave her these two loafs of bread and she was so excited. It was a great feeling. 

we prepared her for her baptism this week and it was so awesome because she went to the house of one of her friends who is less active and told her that she needed to come to church and to forget about themselves and put God first and she wasn’t even baptized! It was so awesome to see she is already doing mission work!! The person who interviewed her said she knew everything and that her testimony is strong. He said she is very prepared to be baptized. 

We spent 7 weeks with her and she was baptized on Saturday, she asked me to do the ordinance for her and it was so awesome. She told us that she almost cried when we missionaries sang ´´I am a child of God´´ it was a great experience in all. 

Also we are working on helping her children get married. They are both going to be married in the upcoming month. We Hope.

We have other investigators who are starting to progress. The guy who was drunk the last week when we went over, him and his wife came to church this week. It was great. 

Also I was doing pull ups and the bar fell... I woke up in the hospital... haha just kidding mom but it only hurt for like a day then it went away haha 

I love you all!!! Hope this week was great for you and that the next is also great!!! 

Les Amo!

Elder Andy

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