Monday, October 19, 2015

General Conference

Oct 5, 2015

This was just a great week!!! It was really awesome to see 3 new apostles! Honestly I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention before so they will be some Apostle that I will learn to love! There talks were great!!! The other talks were awesome also!!! Something that I learned this week is that conference is like the only real day of rest that missionaries get and it was awesome to be spiritually uplifted at the same time!!! The last one was different for some reason but my companion said he wanted to watch it in English so I was able to watch all except for priesthood in English and it was awesome!

One thing I loved and I hope one day I can do for my kids is what Pablo’s dad did for him. It was really awesome the things he talked about and how you can help your kids grow up with great standards. I know I’m really far away but I make his talk and said read when you have something to do with it.

Another one I liked was ponderize. I loved the idea and I’m excited to get started! 

I am starting with the scripture DandC 121 33-35 to help me focus on the thing of God and his power and not so much on the things of the world!!! 

I would love for everyone who decided to take this challenge to tell me about their scripture every week! It would make my week and we can grow spiritually together!!

We have an investigator who is way cool and he speaks like 90 percent of English. He is loving the book of Mormon. he has not been able to assist yet but we think it’s because he is scared of what his family will think who are very very catholic but he is one of the first investigators who doesn’t really have a problem financially he has a couple of successful businesses selling food like pizza and hamburgers and he treats us like friends as we help him learn about the gospel and it is so fun to teach him and he always tells us how excited he is about it. It’s so fun and his family is seriously so nice.

President Monson gave us some counsel... KEEP THE COMMANMENTS. 

I love you all. Have a great week!!! And tell me what your scripture is!!

Elder Andy

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