Friday, December 11, 2015

Really Really Fast Week!!! - Written November 23, 2015

Wow! This week went by so fast it made my head spin! I don’t even remember what happened!!!
Well it was a good week. We had some lessons that were very powerful. There is a family that we are teaching. We’ve been teaching them for a while and it’s been a struggle to get them to church. We didn’t teach them at all this week but we prayed for them. But with a special blessing for this family. on Sunday we sent them a message and invited them and received one back saying they were gonna go (we’ve defiantly received that a bunch of times and they didn’t go) but the part that changed everything is that my convert that we taught who’s 14 years old passed by for them without saying anything to us and that’s how they got to church. I’m so pumped about it!!!! And I’m pretty sure they liked it!
This week I returned with my companion and we worked out all the problems between the other elders in my district and right now they are killiin it! I’m so happy that everything is going good again.
Over all it’s been a great week but my comp was sick for a couple days so we couldn’t leave the house but other than that everything is great!
I love you all! have a great Thanksgiving in a country that celebrates cool things!!!
Elder Andy

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