Friday, December 11, 2015

Hey Friends!!! - Written November 16, 2015

How yall doin!!!  

Honestly this week was fine! I was only with my new comp for like two days so if you have any questions about him save them for the next week! I had a missionary sent to me and we had splits this weekend so I’ve been with him this week.

This week we really had some experiences and they were awesome. We had some lessons where people really had some strong questions that you would think we’re really hard to answer but every time that I was asked I totally knew the answer! It was a great week and really fun!!

I’m honestly doing so great out here and everything is so fun. I really don’t know why some people don’t enjoy their time in the mission! It’s so hard but I have learned so much and I would not take it back for anything.

I just wanted to give a shout out to my mom who turned 29 again!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! A WEEK LATE BUT AT LEAST I DIDN'T FORGET!

Kinda short this week but my scripture this week is in Moroni 7:46-47

I love you all and I just want you all to know that the hard times are to learn and we can always give thanks because we ALWAYS learn something.

Have a great week. 

With love,

Elder Andy

P.S. This week we received permission to go to the gym so I’m over here getting yoked at 530 in the morning every day!

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