Friday, December 11, 2015

Hey Guys!!...Written Nov 9, 2015

So these last two weeks were way sweet! two weeks ago we got to know an atheist and he was way cool and brought us to his ranch and fed us and then we watched meet the Mormons with him the last day of my ex comp Elder Mujica. That’s actually why I couldn’t write the last week because Elder Mujica wanted to do that for his last pday. But that was a great experience.

My comp ended his mission on Thursday and I went to a different area for the week end and it was awesome we met members who are faithful but they sweat a ton and it was way funny. In the house where I was they didn’t have food to eat so these members gave a whole bunch of bread but like pastries. It was awesome. The area I was in Sauhayo was awesome and there were a whole bunch of pine apples it was an awesome weekend.

Mi compa es bien guapo y fuerte en la pansa.... a message from my companion Elder Guzman. He’s a great Elder and he is from Cancun. We are going to work really hard this transfer. I’m pretty sure I only have one with him but we are going to set this area but way sweet so it keeps progressing when I’m not here. I’m way excited about it. We have a whole bunch of families that we are teaching that are loving the gospel and we are going to help them come to the gospel. Many are starting to come to church and I’m pumped about it. The next week I will send photos! 

I love you all I would love photos of everyone so I can have them in my house I have some but all my comps ask for photos of my friends and my fam and I really only have from my fam and some friends. I would be pumped for more!! Love you all!!! 

Elder Andy

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