Friday, December 11, 2015

A Year!!!

Don’t know if you remember but it feels like yesterday when I was saying I have a week and its going by so fast! Now I have a year and I don’t even know what’s going on! I only know that I speak Spanish! That’s cool! the other day I had a dream that I was at home and it was so real I even thought to myself in the dream wow the mission went by really fast and then I woke up and I was still here so I still gotta work!

This week was honestly so good! We didn’t work a whole lot which was kind of a bummer. We went to Guadalajara to sign our visas and I did get to see my buddies from the mtc! It was way fun! One of my friends elder Anglesy and I stayed up all night talking and telling jokes and I have not laughed harder in my whole time here. It was so fun. It was a nice time to be able to catch up and then we went and signed our visas and you’ll never guess what I found.... if we are close you will know how crazy I was about this I FOUND AN ICEE MACHINE THAT HAD a GREAT BIG 32 OZ ICEE READY FOR ME! I WENT CRAZY! AND IT WAS IN A DEPARTMENT STORE?! LIKE WHAAAA???? IT WAS SO AWESOME!!

So that was the highlight of the week and everything else was like normal. I’m loving the mission and I really am so happy here. Sometimes I have bad days of course but nothing can beat the good days. 

I love you all and I hope that you are having a great time preparing for Christmas! 

Elder Andy

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