Saturday, August 1, 2015

July 27 - This Week!!!!!

This week has been sooooo goood!!! Guys I’m learning how to do cool things!!! This last two week I learned how to do a hand stand and how to do a front and back hand spring!!! We have 30 mins of exercise every day and my comp did gym before the mish!!(He had time because he’s the oldest missionary in mission other than the old people.) He’s like almost 28 like dang. But ya it’s pretty sweet!!!

Yesterday we got some references and there was like 8 people living in the house and somebody said ya I’m 20 years old and I thought in my head I thought wow he’s old one day I’ll be 20! And then he said he was born in 95 and I thought oh shoots I was born in 96! Guys I’m finally old and I just want to be young and not have any responsibly and just live life like a champion. But what evs I guys I’ll just have to grow up. haha jk I’m not going to grow up ever! Ok I’m rambling in my head but the lesson was so awesome with them and they are going to come to church the next week!! I’m so pumped.

also we had a 17 year old kid one of our investigators go to FSY I think it’s the same as EFY but anyways he had an experience of a hand on his shoulder to comfort him during EFY and he really has a tough life so I’m glad he has made this choice. He took out all of his earrings and he had like 5 its awesome he is changing...

I had a lot of prayers answered this week and it has just been so great. 

I love you all and I hope everything is going good!!!

Elder Andy

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