Thursday, August 13, 2015

8 Months!!!!

8 months in the mission! Holy crap time out here goes by so fast. 8 months ago I said by to all yaz and went to Mexico and now here we are! In a couple of months I’ll be home! I heard that the second year goes by even faster than the first and I have no idea how that could even be possible but I also feel like there is a whole lot to do out here and not enough time in the day to do it!!! 

This area is receiving blessing after blessing!! we went to an investigators house and usually it’s just and old lady and her daughter but her daughter doesn’t live there she told us that her husband pick up the book of Mormon when he got home and started reading it and then he asked her about it and she explained about us and asked if we could come over and we have not even met with them but she said that he is going to stop working Sundays to go to church! We have a date to meet with them tonight!!! I’m so pumped!!!

Also this week a couple of our investigators got baptized! They are young men and they are so excited to be in the ward but one of them will not wear a white shirt. He will go to church early and is ready to get the priesthood but really really doesn’t want to wear the white shirt! But nbd we can’t do anything about it haha but they both said that they want to serve missions! That will be awesome!!! One of them it will be like really soon because he turns 18 in January!

sorry this week I didn’t learn any new acrobatics... but I’m pretty sure my abs are trying to pop out.obvi it’s not there yet but there tryin!!! Don’t tell anyone... but ya I’m getting skinny and I feel like my body isn’t ready for it hahah but its chill.... every fat man’s dream! 

but ya everything in the mission is going great I’m just tired like all the time but just keep working until can’t work anymore and then sleep a little and be a little tired and not want to wake up but do it anyways and work even harder and learn a whole bunch and then do the things we need to and teach and walk a lot and then teach again and then be really tired but that’s the life! the missionary dream because the thing about it is you forget your tired until the day is over because you are having so much fun and then to be let by the spirit to know which door to knock and then just trying to project so much love for these people as representative of Jesus Christ. I’ll tell you what it’s worth every single minute that I’ve been out here. Even though sometimes is hard. I’ve never learned so much and been able to help people in this way. I just want you all to know I’m a very tired yet very happy Elder!!

I love you all like you know!!! 

Elder AnDy

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