Friday, August 7, 2015

Sweet Week!!

So first of all I’m just going to say that I took my pants in today to get a couple inches taken off! Woo! And it’s going so good!! I eat so good and feel so good too!! Ok most the time I eat good... sometime I go Gandolfos and make eggs bacon with cheese and cream cheese and bimbo bread... oh sauce... its good. 

Anyways this week we will have couple of baptisms... they are a couple of teenagers that are so ready. One of them already said that he wants to go on a mission and he’s so excited for his baptism. And the members are so excited for them also! We are working hard here and it’s so nice when the members pitch in! They are starting to love us and we get invited to dinner every single day and we are always so full! Sometimes they give us dessert to take home mmmmmmmmm delicioso 

This week also the pres changed some of the rules in the mission and it has made this so much nicer and easier to be in the mission. So much less stress and I feel like these last couple of days have really been payin off. Every week in this district there is a baptism and this little town of Zacapu is the best in the mission. Everyone wants to be here! We totally got the ghetto side but its chill we will keep working hard!!

I just want you all to know that I feel so good out here and that everything is going so great!!!

I love you all!!

Elder Andy

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