Thursday, February 5, 2015

From Monday 2/2/15

My week has been trying but it's been good!

This week I got to teach two people in English! It was sweet! One guy wants to be baptized really bad but he just has to get married. His girlfriend is already Mormon and it's been really cool teaching him!

My Spanish is getting better and I am starting to understand! It's awesome! I'm helping in just about every lesson and it's been great! I can't wait until I understand more and can talk to people who only speak Spanish and have them understand what I'm saying! 
We had our zone meeting on Friday and people had to translate for me but I understood a lot. We had a big cleaning day today. Cleaned our house for like 4 hours. It was good.

Anyways, don't have a ton this week! Love you all! 

Elder Anderberg

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