Monday, January 26, 2015

First Week!

My First week was awesome! I'm having tons of fun! The hard part is the language! When we have lessons I don't even know what I'm saying but that's how I know I'm teaching with the Spirit!

We had something sweet happen yesterday. I don't know if I said my companion had lost his stuff. His backpack, his wallet, camera and books, scriptures & studys and all that stuff. I told him that everything would go well and if we both had faith then we would find it! He brushed it off and told me that faith doesn't bring stuff back. And I told him that THAT kind of faith won't. So he told me he has faith and I also prayed and asked the Father to bring back his stuff with all the faith I have! Keep in mind he left it in a taxi, that the guy works all day, and he tried to make us give him more money then we owed him.  Also there is like 50 thousand taxis and tons of different taxi places. K so yesterday he got a call and I was making dinner and he went outside and I saw him jump for joy! Someone who was a member of the Church or I guess knew the Mission President found it in the taxi or owned the taxi and called the Mission President and they got his stuff to the office. We have not got it yet, but its a miracle. 

So yesterday I didn't know we were going to need to two buses and so I only had enough money for three bus rides and then when I found out I told my companion and he freaked out at me and I said Elder, have faith! He said again. faith doesn't do that! I said I promise! Have faith! So at the end of church one of the Elders in our church was there and I told him that I didn't bring enough money and he looked and had exactly what we needed. So I was so pumped and winked at my Companion. haha 

So if I have anything to tell anyone it is to have faith even when it seems impossible! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE THROUGH THE LORD!

So if anyone wanted to know, my companion's name is Elder De Jesus! Which means Elder Of Jesus, if you didn't know Spanish enough.  haha Anyways, he's way cool and way funny! He only knows a little English but what he does know is great.

Someone taught him IT'S NO BIG DEAL. He told me it's a Katy Perry song and that Katy Perry is his noivia, which is girlfriend, and that she is waiting for him.

Someone taught him, I'M SORRY I NO PERFECT and WHY YOU DON'T LOVE ME. haha

Also when ever he goes into the bathroom he leaves a little crack in the door and says ELDER I HAVE QUESTION FOR YOU and I say Yes Elder? and he says WHY I HANDSOME? Its' funny but today he flexed his biceps when he said it and I said Wow their getting smaller! Like it was a good thing and he said YA! THANK YOU MY FRIEND! and then closed the door. Then one minute after that he said WAIT NO! BIGGER!  It was hilarious! Anyways I'm loving everything except the fish! 

Adios muchachos! 

Elder Anderberg

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