Friday, February 20, 2015

WOW Thiisss Weeekkk

So this week started out like any other week. Other then my comp was like super sick and didnt feel good. but he kept working. On Wednesday we went to the hospital and we found out he had something happening in his brain which is never good. The doc said he needed to rest for one month with no exercise or anything of the kind so he needed rest. So he called the Pres and the Pres said that he could have 3 days to rest and they would work something out. But then He decided that it was time for him to go home. So on Thursday we woke up, he packed his stuff and gave me a lot of it and them the zone leaders came to our house and we dropped him off at the bus station.

So for the last couple of days I have been with the Zone leaders in a threesome and honestly I couldn't be happier! They are both American and both speak really good Spanish! I have been able to express everything I wanted to in the lessons and if I didn't know how to say something they were there to help me! This week has been great and I'm learning so much Spanish! The last couple of days I have had so much contact with people and mucho conversations with Mexicans in total Spanish! Oh, Also I learned how to roll my r'S! I sound like a real Mexican!!

Something that I learned this week, that when teaching a lesson "I need to have the Spirit" or it doesn't work. Also when giving blessings!! This week we have had a lot of people where we are teaching the same principles and I have things memorized because I didn't know how to say them sincerely. So when we were  in a lesson we had, I tried to give my memorized thing, just think about that, and it was terrible honestly. haha But then the next lesson I decided that that's not how I'm suppose to do it and when I started teaching I taught by the Spirit and honestly I was saying words I didn't know and it was awesome! So teaching with the Spirit is the only way to teach from here on out. haha The reason I mentioned blessings is because this week I gave a blessing in Spanish to Elder De Jesus who went home, but it was a blessing of counsel to help know what he needed to do. So when I was giving the blessing I started speak soley in Spanish and I thought I knew what I was saying. But later he said what I said and I had no clue what that meant! It was crazy! And he told everyone that the whole blessing was perfect grammar and vocabulary that I don't even know! I still don't know what I said! haha I forgot to ask the zone leaders to translate it. hahaha But anyways, ya the Spirit is the only way!

Also so far I have given 9 blessing and half in Spanish! And the other day this lady who is prideful and didn't want to be baptized but liked the church, agreed to because of what I said and she started crying and tried to hug me. But I had to tell her I can't, haha, it was pretty cool!!! I'm going to send another email with pics!! Hope everything is going well!!! 

Elder Anderberg

Just remembered something but today we asked the Pres a question and he kind of gave a snooty remark. haha Not really, but it kind of seemed like it and so we were just joking around and laughing and saying that he is super mad at us and how he is probably yelling at his phone on the other side and breaking things and next thing we know right after we talk about him he sent us a winkie face! We searched for the microphone but couldn't find it but it was funny. haha

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