Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2 Months!

Holy Crap tomorrow marks two months!!! Only 22 months left! I don't have much time but this week was actually one of the best weeks!!

I actually did my first contact in Spanish all by myself and everything went great!

A had divisions with an American and we had a great time but walked like 15 miles because nobody was home and we just kept going but for some reason.  It seams like the more I speak English the more Spanish I understand! haha idk why but its pretty sweet! 

Honestly being here has been hard but when ever something is hard all I have to do is remember what I'm here teaching! A lesson I have given a couple times was centered around the scripture Mathew 7:7 -12.  It is basically ask and you shall receive and that is the realest thing ever. The other day I had a bad night and woke up and there was literally no water and so I said a small quick prayer asking the lord to help me have the best shower and that the water would turn on and just be perfect for an amazing nice shower and no joke the water came on with more water pressure then we had had before and it was the best shower yet! And so then I asked if every shower everyday here could be like that and guess what they still are! Oh my gosh the Lord loves me and is helping me so much!  

We have a lot of popcorn here and if you know me, you know I love popcorn. and oh man it's the best! The other day when I was on divisions we had an amazing breakfast oh so good. 

Oh and also I have been taking lead in our lessons which is cool that my comp trusts me enough to let me take the lead!
This was the comp I did divisions with

With Love 
Elder Anderberg

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