Monday, August 29, 2016


So there’s been a couple of changes!

The Ochoa family at last let us come and we had some lessons with them. and then on Sunday my comp and I got transferred and they came by the house super late and said goodbye. the young kid that’s 16 years old had tears in his eyes...

we helped a couple of families started going to church and one came up to me and said thank you and that after his 8 years that he’s been in the church even though he wasn’t active that only 4 missionaries he felt the same way that he feels about me.  it was way cool. they will be getting sealed in like 2 months and they want me to be there. super cool.

another family went and bought us ties because they felt like we helped them. honestly. I just loved that area. it’s hard to be leaving. I’m kind of scared because I gave everything to that area and now I have to do it again I my new area but now I have to worry about the zone as a zone leader. I’m super tired and it’s really hard the mission but I see miracles every day. I love The Lord. it’s been the best and to finish I’m gonna give my all but when I get home I’m going to be in my bed and nobody can talk to me for two days. hahaha

I got to see the fruits of my labors when I went to my area that I was in a year ago. it was awesome. Two of them are passing the sacrament every week. on her family is going to church and her family (who totally rejected us when I was there) are going to church! And one is preparing to go on a mission! I’m so happy about it. I love them. my comp said I looked like a 10-year-old on Christmas when I was talking to them. I really got to a point where I loved them for realz. 

I love you all! I hope that everything is good at home! 

have a great week!

Elder Anderberg

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